Faisal al-Duwaish

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Faisal al-Duwaish
Fisal alduwaish.jpg
Born 1882
Died 1931
Allegiance Flag of Nejd (1921).svg Sultanate of Nejd
Service/branch Ikhwan
Years of service ? - 1929

Unification of Saudi Arabia

Faisal bin Sultan al-Duwaish (Arabic: فيصل بن سلطان الدويش, c. 1882 – d. 1931) was a Prince of the Mutair tribe and one of the Ikhwan leaders, who assisted Ibn Saud in the unification of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Duwaish commanded the attack on Kuwait Defense and Security Forces in Hamdh and killed many of them on 16 May 1920. Later, in 1920, he led an attack by the Ikhwan on Kuwait, capturing the village of al-Jahra, but was compelled to withdraw under British pressure.

He was injured at the 1929 battle of Sabilla, fled Arabia and later surrendered to the British in Kuwait. Sultan was pardoned by his former ruler King Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud of Nejd and Hejaz (later of Saudi Arabia), but was later jailed in Riyadh where he died in 1931 suffering from an aneurysm.