Faith (comics)

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Faith (comic) in JLA, No 69 (October 2002).jpg
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance JLA #69 (October 2002)
Created by Joe Kelly
In-story information
Team affiliations Justice League
Black Ops
Doom Patrol
Abilities Telekinetic Powers, Flight, Psychic blasts, Telepathy, Confidence Aura, Group Teleportation.

Faith is a superhero in the DC Comics universe who first appeared in JLA #69 (October 2002).[1]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Faith is a female hero with tremendous psychic powers. Often nicknamed by her teammates "the Fat Lady", a reference to the line "it's not over until the fat lady sings".

Faith’s first appearance in the DC universe was as a substitution by Batman for the Justice League when the main members were transported into the past during the events of the Obsidian Age.[1] Of the numerous heroes in the DC Universe to serve on the Justice League, Batman chose her along with Green Arrow, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, Jason Blood, Major Disaster, and the Atom to replace the original members in a short tenure with Nightwing as the new leader.

The new Justice League confronted Gamemnae and eventually defeated her with the help of the original Justice League. Faith’s tenure with the Justice League is not limited to the Obsidian Age. During her time on the team, she helped out with many other threats, such as the fire-controlling entity Fernus. She also became close to Major Disaster, letting him see her true form. She remained with the Justice League until she was bitten by vampires in the “Tenth Circle” storyline.

Her origin is still unclear. She has revealed to Major Disaster that she was raised by the military and has worked with the Black-Ops group. The U.S. military continues to try to capture her and use her as a weapon.

She has also served in the short reincarnation of the Doom Patrol.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Her powers are psychokinetic and telepathic in nature. Batman has long noted her ability to create an aura of trust and confidence within the people around her, allowing a group to work together easily. She has shown the power to levitate both enemies and inanimate objects. The limits of her powers are unknown, but she has been seen raising entire skyscrapers when needed and she once destroyed an entire fleet of alien space ships (though the effort left her exhausted). She has used psychic energy as a projectile. She is capable of flight and group teleportation.


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