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Faith Band is an American rock band from Indianapolis, Indiana. From 1973 to 1979, they released 5 albums: Faith in 1973, Excuse Me, I Just Cut an Album in 1977, Rock'n Romance in 1978, and Face to Face and Vital Signs in 1979.1 They gained popularity in the Indianapolis area in 1978 with Rock'n Romance, which contained the song "Dancin' Shoes", of which Nigel Olsson's cover of the song would become a Top 20 hit that year. Their lead singer Carl Storie and bassist Mark Cawley formed the duo "Blinding Tears" in 1985, and released one album: Blinding Tears on Riva Records in 1986. Carl Storie released one solo album, Carl Storie in 1999.2 Dave Bennett released one solo album, Out of the Bleu in 2004. Johnny Cascella moved on to the John Cougar Mellencamp band where he played keyboards until his untimely death in 1992. The liner notes in the album "Human Wheels" includes a dedication to him by John Mellencamp. Johnny's keyboard expertise on an amped-up Hammond B3 organ connected to an over-driven Leslie (rotary-doppler effect) speaker box was awe-inspiring. Dave Barnes went on to work with his brother, Terry Barnes, for Ticketmaster in the mid-1980s and helped to make it one of the largest ticket sales and distribution companies in the world. The Faith Band is currently recording an album at DaddyReal studios in Indianapolis. It is set to be released sometime in 2013.

  • Carl Storie (lead vocals, harmonica)
  • David Bennett (electric six-string guitar)
  • John Cascella (keyboards, saxophone, vocals)
  • Mark Cawley (bass guitar)
  • Dave Barnes (drums)


  • Faith (1973) Brown Bag Records/United Artists Records - Track list: Sometimes Sometimes, Freedom, Answer To The Master, Lookin For A Friend, Such A Lady Such A Lover, Dreamy Eyed Lady, We're All Headed In The Same Way, The Last Song
  • Excuse Me, I Just Cut an Album (1977) Village Records - VR-7703 - Track List: Keep On Lovin', Spotlight, On Fire, Power Play, Searchin', Brave World, (I Think I Wanna) Possess You, (Baby I Know) The Heat Is On, Out To Play
  • Rock'n Romance (1978) Village - VR 7805/Phonogram - Track List: On a Neon Light, I'm a Fool for You, Dancin' Shoes, It's So Easy, Desire', Smile and a Tear, Down the Line, Moon and I, Blind Endless Love
  • Face to Face (1979) Village/Phonogram Mercury SRM 1-3770 - Track List: Touchy Situation, You're My Weakness, Big City Lights, Hopeless Romantic, Diamond In The Rough, Leave This Love, Fool's Love, Long Distance Runner, Forever
  • Vital Signs (1979) Village/Phonogram Mercury SRM 1-3807 - Track List: Yesterdays' News, Easier Said Than Done, Somewhere In The Night, Everything But A Heartbeat, Paradise, Dark Side Of L.A., Only A Joker, Rosalie, Is It For Real?
  • Faith Band Legacy (On-Line Release Dec. 2010) Track list: You Should Be With Me - Sometimes Sometimes (Live @ The Patio 1975) - Sneakin' Suspicion - Outside Woman Blues - Hold On - Live Wire - How Long Will It Take - Keep On (Extended Re-mix) - I've Got The Goods On You - Fools Love - Searchin' - Ridin' High - Brave Brave World - Stay With Me - Run Around - Nothing's Gonna Change My Mind - Rosalie - Just On The Outside - You Can't Walk That Line Forever
  • Faith Band Legacy videos currently available on YouTube include: Possess You, Such A Lady, Statesboro (Blues), Dancin' Shoes, and more

Charting singles[edit]

Formerly Known As[edit]

  • Formerly known as "The Chosen Few" Band - Included bass player and backup vocalist "Jack Hamilton" - - Album Title: "The Chosen Few" - RCA Records LSP-4242 - 1969 - Track list: Talk with Me, You Make Me So Very Happy, Maybe the Rain Will Fall, Sea of Tranquility, Spend One Night, Beginnings, Safrowillie, I'll Never Change You, Deeper In, I Will Miss You
  • Formerly Known as The "Limousine" Band - Album Title: "Limousine" - GSF Records - GFS-S-1002 - 1972 - Track List: A Song For Monique, Sometimes, Bitin' Grace, Such A Lady-Such A Lover, Barriers, Sidewalk Siren, Raise Your Voice, Lighthouse


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