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The Faith Mission is a Protestant evangelical Christian organization founded in Scotland in 1886 by John George Govan. It emphasizes evangelism of rural areas and operates a Bible College in Edinburgh.

The Faith Mission is an interdenominational agency, it works closely with all Christian churches that share a similar concern for passionate evangelism.

Outside the United Kingdom and Ireland[edit]

At the request of a Toronto pastor in 1927, two Faith Mission pilgrims travelled to Canada to begin work there. The Faith Mission (in Canada) has its headquarters in Campbellville, Ontario, and has workers in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta, as of July 2016. There are also daughter organizations in South Africa and France, called the Africa Evangelistic Band or AEB and Mission-Foi-Evangile, respectively. The work of these daughter agencies is similar to the work of The Faith Mission in the U.K. and Ireland.

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