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Photo by Frank Saptel

Faith Nolan (born 1957 in Halifax, Nova Scotia) is a Canadian social activist folk and jazz singer-songwriter and guitarist of mixed African, Mi'kmaq and Irish heritage. As stated on her website, "her music is her political work, a politics firmly rooted in her being working class, a woman, African Canadian and queer." Nolan is openly lesbian.[1]

Part of her activist work has been documenting the social, political and cultural history of Africville, a historic African Canadian settlement in Maritime Canada. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


  • Africville (1986)
  • Sistership (1987)
  • Freedom to Love (1989)
  • Hard to Imagine (1996)
  • Faith Nolan: A Compilation 1986-1996 (1996)
  • Overloaded, Fed Up and On the Line (2002)
  • Let it Shine (2002)
  • Faith Nolan Live (2003)
  • Day Done Broke (2006)
  • One World (2008)
  • Mannish Gal (2008)

."CUPE Freedom Singers. And Faith Nolan" (2009) . J"ailhouse Blues " (2014)


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