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Faiz Muhammad (23 September 1937– 2014 ) was a Pakistani freestyle wrestler.[1] He was, during his time, one of the unbeatable National Champions and Army Champions of Pakistan.

Early life and career[edit]

Army H/Captain Faiz Muhammad was born in 1937 in Kandi (Rajauri district area of Indian-held state of Jammu and Kashmir) and migrated to Azad Kashmir after the partition of British India in 1947. His family settled at Khanpur village of present day Kotli District of Azad Kashmir.

In June 1953, he got enlisted at training center number 3 of Azad Kashmir Regular Forces at Sohawa town (a village at that time) and took his first flight of three-decades-long glory with his home-learnt sports of wrestling in an army-level competition – 'Pakistan Army Training Centres Wrestling Championship' and secured the first position. Same year, he once again impressed professional fraternity of the game by scaling the first spot in National and Army Wrestling Championships. Recognition and acknowledgement at national level inspired young Faiz Muhammad to train even harder and clinch more laurels for himself and his army unit. He consecutively lifted the winner trophy of Army Championship from 1954 to 1984, for an unbeatable record of 30 years and got decorated with many Gold Medals. Like many other legendary names, perhaps the following Persian verse of 13th century philosopher Saadi Shirazi was written for Faiz Muhammad too: -

کسبِ کمالِ کنٗ کہ عزیزِ جہاں شوی
Work so hard that your name may be famous in the whole world

At Pakistani national level, he is the only one who has the distinction of high-winning-record of Army Championships. From 1953 to 1986, he enjoyed the longest winning streak of the prestigious National Wrestling Championship for 33 years and then exited the arena of National Wrestling Championships as a winner, whenever he entered it.