Faizabad Interchange

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Faizabad Interchange
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Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan
Coordinates: 33°39′52″N 73°5′13″E / 33.66444°N 73.08694°E / 33.66444; 73.08694Coordinates: 33°39′52″N 73°5′13″E / 33.66444°N 73.08694°E / 33.66444; 73.08694
Roads at
Murree Road
Islamabad Highway
Type: Cloverleaf interchange
Opened: January 1998 (1998-01)

Faizabad Interchange is the main gateway between the twin Pakistani cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan. It was the first modern highway interchange of Pakistan made during the late 1990s to better solve the traffic problem on Murree Road and Islamabad Highway.


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When Islamabad was built in the 1960s, there was just a traffic signal between Rawalpindi and Islamabad at the point where Islamabad Highway and Murree Road intersect each other.


The contract was given to NESPAK group of engineers at a cost of Rs 130 million and the interchange was completed in January 1998, making it the first modern cloverleaf interchange in Pakistan.


Around 48,000 vehicles use this interchange daily.


In 1999, plans were made to link the town of Pir Wadhai to this interchange. The interchange became one of only a few cloverleaf interchanges in the world where three rather than two roads join, linking the Islamabad Highway, Murree Road and Pir Wadhai Road.