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Fayzobod is located in Tajikistan
Location in Tajikistan
Coordinates: 38°33′N 69°19′E / 38.550°N 69.317°E / 38.550; 69.317Coordinates: 38°33′N 69°19′E / 38.550°N 69.317°E / 38.550; 69.317
CountryFlag of Tajikistan.svg Tajikistan
RegionDistricts of Republican Subordination
DistrictFayzobod District
 • Total10,400

Fayzobod (Tajik: Файзобод, Russian: Файзабад Fayzabad) is a town in Tajikistan. It is located in the Rasht Valley, 50 km east of Dushanbe. It is the seat of Fayzobod District. The Sari Mazar mausoleum in Fayzobod holds the remains of 8th-century Sufi saint Abu Abdurahmon from Balkh.[1] The population of the town is 10,400 (January 2020 estimate).[2]


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