Fake Empire Productions

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Fake Empire Productions
Privately held
IndustryFilm industry
GenreProduction company
FoundedLos Angeles, California U.S. (2003, as College Hill Pictures)
FoundersJosh Schwartz
Stephanie Savage
Key people
Josh Schwartz
Stephanie Savage
Television series

Fake Empire Productions is the production company that was formed in 2010 by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage to develop and produce television series and feature films. Their most notable productions include the series Gossip Girl (developed by Schwartz and Savage), Chuck (co-created by Schwartz and Chris Fedak), Hart of Dixie (created by Leila Gerstein and produced by Schwartz, Savage, and their producing partner Len Goldstein), The Carrie Diaries (developed by Amy B. Harris and produced by Schwartz and Savage), Dynasty (developed by Sallie Patrick, Schwartz, and Savage) and Marvel's Runaways (created for television by Schwartz and Savage). The company was formed to focus on television projects and produce films, with the intent of branching out into online series, music and books.[1] Schwartz formerly operated under the banner of College Hill Pictures, Inc., which folded in the making of Fake Empire.

Both the film and television divisions of the company are overseen by Lis Rowinski.


The following table lists the production credit of Fake Empire, and its previous incarnation, College Hill Pictures, Inc.

Title Format Year
The O.C. Television series 2003–2007
Gossip Girl Television series 2007–2012
Chuck Television series 2007–2012
Hart of Dixie Television series 2011–2015
Fun Size Film 2012
The Carrie Diaries Television series 2013–2014
Cult Television series 2013
Endless Love Film 2014
No Cameras Allowed[2] Documentary Film 2014
The Astronaut Wives Club Television series 2015
Monster High Film 2016
Dynasty Television series 2017–present
Runaways Television series 2017–2019
Nancy Drew Television series 2019–present
Looking for Alaska Television series 2019
Untitled Gossip Girl sequel Television series 2020


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