Fake Train

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Fake Train
Unwound - Fake Train.jpg
Studio album by Unwound
Released July 7, 1993
Recorded February 13 - March 3, 1993
Genre Post-hardcore, noise rock
Length 44:56
Label Kill Rock Stars
Producer Steve Fisk and Unwound
Unwound chronology
Fake Train
New Plastic Ideas
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[1]
Wondering SoundMixed[2]

Fake Train is the second studio album by the American post-hardcore band Unwound, released on July 7, 1993 by Kill Rock Stars.[3] The album marks the debut of Sara Lund, who became the band's longest serving and last drummer. The cover image is a vandalized copy of the 1970 album Tom by Tom Jones. The song "Dragnalus" appears on the soundtrack to the independent film Half-Cocked.

Background and recording[edit]

While being the first studio album in the band's catalog to be released, it is actually the second album by the group to be recorded. A first full-length was recorded in 1992 with drummer Brandt Sandeno, who left the group shortly after recording to do other things.[4] That album was shelved and was not released until 1995, after the group already released 3 full-lengths via Kill Rock Stars. As suggested by Sandeno, Sara Lund was chosen as his replacement. Her drumming style would shape the band from their initial rugged hardcore punk sound to the more post-hardcore style that is presented on this album.

Fake Train was recorded and mixed during 2 weekends.[5] In retrospective, Sara Lund expressed her distaste for her performance on the album, for she believed she performed very poorly on it.[5][6] The entire first side of the record was overdubbed with amplifier feedback. The album was released as the band's full-length debut on Kill Rock Stars on CD, LP, and cassette formats. They would continue to release most of their recordings through Kill Rock Stars until their break-up in 2001. Fake Train was also the first music-only recording released by Kill Rock Stars, releases made before Fake Train on the label were spoken word pieces.[7]

The cover art is a vandalized copy of Tom Jones' 1970 album Tom. It was chosen as the cover art last minute as a sort of joke.

Track listing[edit]

2."Lucky Acid"1:43
3."Nervous Energy"4:50
4."Valentine Card"3:25
6."Were, Are and Was or Is"5:45
8."Pure Pain Sugar"2:35
9."Gravity Slips"1:44
10."Star Spangled Hell"3:52
12."Feeling$ Real"5:15
Total length:44:56


  • Steve Fisk - Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  • Tim Green - Assistant Engineer
  • Stuart Hallerman - Engineer
  • Justin Trosper - Guitar, Vocals
  • Sara Lund - Drums
  • Vern Rumsey - Bass Guitar
  • Slim Moon - Assistant Engineer
  • Sean Smith - Photography
  • Unwound - Producer, Mixing


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