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Industry Retail
Genre Supermarket
Headquarters Roskildevej 65, 2620 Albertslund, Denmark
Area served
Denmark (And two stores in Germany)
Parent Coop Denmark
Slogan Det er fakta!
Website http://www.fakta.dk/ http://www.faktaq.dk/ http://www.fakta.eu/
Fakta in Hadsund

Fakta is a Danish chain of discount stores. It is owned by FDB and was founded in 1981 as Dansk Discount A/S.

In May 2011, Fakta had 374 stores with around 6000 employees.[1] Fakta has since October 2011 been running all stores (excluding Fakta Quick) with the opening hours 8 am - 9 pm.[2] Since the change in the law regarding opening hours, all of Faktas' shops (excluding a very few) has the opening hours 8 am - 10 pm.

Fakta's previous slogan was: "Det ta'r kun 5 minutter at handle i Fakta, men vi vil så gerne ha' at du bli'r lidt længere", which translated into English means: "It only takes 5 minutes to shop in Fakta, but we really want you to stay a bit longer".

It was replaced in 2011 with "Det er sund fornuft" which literally translates to "It's common sense".

The slogan was later replaced with "Det er Fakta" which translates to "It's a fact" or "It's Fakta". The old slogan "Det er sund fornuft" however, does still exist, as it is printed on products sold under Faktas' own name.

Fakta Q[edit]

They also operate stores, located at more central urban places; called Fakta Q. Fakta Q differentiates itself from the traditional Fakta by:

  • Does not sell non-food items, which is called Bazar goods (Danish: Bazar varer).
  • Have more food in the convenience category.

Fakta Germany[edit]

In 2013 Fakta opened its first two stores in Germany, just south of the Danish border.

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