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Mount Falakro
Highest point
Elevation2,232 m (7,323 ft) [1]
Coordinates41°17′38″N 24°05′41″E / 41.2939°N 24.0947°E / 41.2939; 24.0947Coordinates: 41°17′38″N 24°05′41″E / 41.2939°N 24.0947°E / 41.2939; 24.0947

Falakro Oros (Greek: Φαλακρό όρος, English: "Bald mountain"; Bulgarian: Боздаг, Bozdag; Turkish: Bozdağ) is a mountain in the Drama regional unit, eastern Greek Macedonia, northern Greece. The elevation of its highest summit, Profitis Ilias, is 2232 meters above the sea level.[1] There is a ski resort on the mountain.

А very small part of a low northern offshoot of Falakro extends into Bulgarian territory, just south of the village of Beslen in Blagoevgrad Province. The highest point that is part of Bulgaria is the forested peak Chiplakbair (1090 metres high) on the border between the two countries.[2]



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