Falcon Air

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This article is about the Swedish airline. For the cancelled air-launched rocket, see Falcon 9 Air.
Falcon Air
Falcon Air Sweden logo.jpg
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1986
Ceased operations 2006
Hubs Malmö Airport
Fleet size 2 (2006)
Destinations 4 (2005)
Parent company Fly Scand AB
Headquarters Malmö, Sweden
Key people George Ozgol (CEO)
Website linjeflyg.com

Falcon Air was a cargo and passenger airline based in Malmö, Sweden. It operated mail transport services at night and day flights on contract for FlyMe. Its main base was Malmö/Sturup Airport.

Tha airline ceased operations in 2006.[1]


The airline started air cargo operations in October 1986. It was acquired by Postbolagen in two phases in 1987 and 1988.[1] It should not be confused with Falconair, which between May 1967 and 1 September 1970 operated three Vickers Viscount and three Lockheed L-188 Electra, based at Malmö Bulltofta Airport.[2]


Falcon Air operated mail transport during the night from/to Stockholm, Malmö, Umeå, Luleå and Sundsvall in January 2005.


The Falcon Air fleet consisted of the following aircraft (at August 2006):[3]



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