Falcon Island

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Native name: Carbooroo
Palm Islands context map en.png
Falcon Island and surrounds
Coordinates 18°46′08″S 146°31′59″E / 18.769°S 146.533°E / -18.769; 146.533Coordinates: 18°46′08″S 146°31′59″E / 18.769°S 146.533°E / -18.769; 146.533
Archipelago Great Palm Island group

Falcon Island is one of the islands in the Great Palm Island group, off the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia. The nearest island is Great Palm Island, after which the group is named.

The Aboriginal term for this island is Carbooroo Island.

Another Falcon Island (Fonuafo'ou), which is located in the Kingdom of Tonga, has appeared and disappeared several times since 1865 when it was first spotted by the British H.M.S. Falcon.

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