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Rail station Warszawa-Falenica

Falenica is a part of Wawer, one of districts of Warsaw, located on the right bank of the Vistula, in the far southeastern corner of the city. Until 1951 it was a separate village, then it became part of Warsaw. Before the Second World War Falenica, which is located in a forested area, was a favorite location for summer cottages and houses. During World War II the Germans opened a Jewish ghetto there, all of its inhabitants were transported to Treblinka in August 1942.

Further information: Timeline of Treblinka

Falenica is located along the main rail line, which connects Warsaw with Lublin.

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Coordinates: 52°10′02″N 21°12′38″E / 52.167287°N 21.210491°E / 52.167287; 21.210491