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Falké Bacharou is a Nigerien politician. A member of the Democratic and Social Convention (CDS-Rahama), he was Second Vice-President of the National Assembly of Niger from 2004 to 2009.[1][2]

Political career[edit]

Bacharou was elected to the National Assembly in the February 1993 parliamentary election[3] as a CDS candidate in Dosso[disambiguation needed] constituency.[4] He then served as Secretary-General of the Presidency under President Mahamane Ousmane.[5] He was the campaign director for the CDS during the January 1995 parliamentary election. After the CDS lost the election, depriving President Ousmane of a parliamentary majority and forcing him to cohabit with the opposition, Bacharou alleged that irregularities had affected the results.[6] Ousmane was ousted a year later in a January 1996 military coup. Bacharou was one of those arrested following an opposition demonstration on January 11, 1997.[5]

Bacharou was elected to the National Assembly in the December 2004 parliamentary election from Dosso,[7] and he was elected as the Second Vice-President of the National Assembly for the parliamentary term that followed.[1]

Bacharou was a National Vice-President of the CDS, representing Dosso, until he was replaced by Maïdagi Alambaye at the party's sixth congress on September 1, 2007.[8]

Bacharou was again elected to the National Assembly in the January 2011 parliamentary election.[9] When the Bureau of the National Assembly was elected in April 2011, the post of Second Vice-President, reserved for the opposition, was left vacant.[10] Subsequently Bacharou was elected as Second Vice-President of the National Assembly.[11]


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