Falkenberg Town Hall

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The Falkenberg Town Hall

Falkenberg Town Hall is a listed modern building,[1] built 1958-1959 and inaugurated 16 August 1960.[2] Lennart Tham was chosen as architect after no less than three competitions, the last one in 1949.[3] The building process was delayed due to the need to build a new fire station, as the town hall would be located where the old fire station had been situated.[4] The building was to be Tham's last work and has been listed since 2006.[5]

The original building consisted of three sections (of which one is "the cube", the glassed section figuring prominently in the photo). It was extended with a new section in 1986.[2]


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Coordinates: 56°54′15.58″N 12°29′29.41″E / 56.9043278°N 12.4915028°E / 56.9043278; 12.4915028