Falkland Islands general election, 2009

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The Falkland Islands general election of 2009 was held on Thursday 5 November 2009 to elect members to the Legislative Assembly. It was the first general election in the Falkland Islands since the new constitution came into force on 1 January 2009, which replaced the old Legislative Council with the Legislative Assembly. Chief Executive Tim Thorogood acted as Returning Officer.

Eight MLAs were elected through universal suffrage using block voting, five from the Stanley constituency and three from the Camp constituency. Each elector in Stanley could vote for five candidates, and in Camp each elector could vote for three candidates.[1] In total 4,989 votes were cast in the election, relating to a turnout of 1,232 (77.7% of the electorate).[2] As no political parties are active on the Islands, all the candidates stood as nonpartisans. The election result was said to be an 'upset' as none of the incumbent MLAs kept their seat.[3]


Candidates in bold were elected. Candidates in italic were incumbents.

Stanley constituency[edit]

Stanley result[4]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Nonpartisan Richard Sawle Symbol confirmed.svg 770 17.70 N/A
Nonpartisan Gavin Short Symbol confirmed.svg 590 13.56 N/A
Nonpartisan Glenn Ross Symbol confirmed.svg 491 11.28 N/A
Nonpartisan Emma Edwards Symbol confirmed.svg 474 10.89 N/A
Nonpartisan Jan Cheek Symbol confirmed.svg 452 10.39 +2.37
Nonpartisan Mike Summers 402 9.24 -4.66
Nonpartisan Eric Goss 252 5.79 -2.25
Nonpartisan John Birmingham 250 5.75 -1.24
Nonpartisan Norman Clarke 249 5.72 N/A
Nonpartisan Jackie Cotter 187 4.30 N/A
Nonpartisan Andrea Clausen 139 3.19 -10.39
Nonpartisan Janet Robertson 95 2.18 -6.53
Turnout 4,351 75.6

Camp constituency[edit]

Camp result[5]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Nonpartisan Roger Edwards Symbol confirmed.svg 148 23.20 +8.64
Nonpartisan Sharon Halford Symbol confirmed.svg 147 23.04 N/A
Nonpartisan Bill Luxton Symbol confirmed.svg 147 23.04 N/A
Nonpartisan Ian Hansen 93 14.58 -15.50
Nonpartisan Richard Stevens 57 8.93 -10.43
Nonpartisan Clive Wilkinson 46 7.21 N/A
Turnout 638 89.3


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