Falkner Square

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Falkner Square.

Falkner Square is a square in Canning on the border of Liverpool city centre and Toxteth. Falkner Square Gardens occupy the centre of the square. The Square was completed in 1830 and in 1835 the central area was acquired as a park, one of the first areas so acquired by the council.[1]


Falkner Square is named after Edward Falkner, soldier and Sheriff of Lancashire, who mustered 1000 men in a single hour for the defence of Liverpool in 1797 when a French invasion threatened. He wanted it called Wellington Square. It dates from 1835 and was one of the city's first open public spaces. However, at the time it was unpopular, regarded too far out of town (it was nicknamed Falkner's Folly), especially as regards the long uphill hike for horse-drawn vehicles.


53°23′54″N 2°57′46″W / 53.3982°N 2.9629°W / 53.3982; -2.9629Coordinates: 53°23′54″N 2°57′46″W / 53.3982°N 2.9629°W / 53.3982; -2.9629