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Fall (US usage) or autumn is a season of the year.

Fall may also refer to:

Common generic uses[edit]

  • Fall (surname), a surname
  • Fall of man, the Christian doctrine of mankind's rebellion against God, as found predominantly in the Adam and Eve narrative
  • Falling (accident), accident caused by a fall
  • Falling (physics), movement due to gravity
  • Waterfall, a geological formation, more typically referred to as "falls" than simply "fall"
  • Fall, academic term, usually a semester or a quarter, occurring around the same time as the autumn season


  • Fall, a village in Bavaria (subdivision of Lenggries, Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen district, Germany)
  • Fall, Iran, a village in Fars Province
  • Fall Kill, a creek in New York

Art, entertainment, and media[edit]







Nature and science[edit]

  • Meteorite fall, a meteorite recovered after being observed entering the atmosphere
  • Fall, the sudden arrival of birds due to drift migration
  • Fall, the sepals of the Iris flower
  • Fall, the part of a rope that is hauled on in a block-and-tackle arrangement

Other uses[edit]

  • Fall (unit), a Scottish measurement of length
  • Fall, a type of partial wig used to add length to the back of one's hair
  • Fall, the part on a piano that covers the keys
  • Pin fall and related terms, jargon in the sport of wrestling
  • Astrological fall, a term for a planet in a form of debilitated essential dignity

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