Fall Babylon Fall

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Fall Babylon Fall
Veni Domine - Fall Babylon Fall.jpg
Studio album by
GenreProgressive metal, doom metal
LabelMassacre Records, R.E.X. Records
Veni Domine chronology
Fall Babylon Fall
Material Sanctuary

Fall Babylon Fall is the debut album of the Swedish progressive doom metal band Veni Domine, released in 1992. In 2010, HM Magazine ranked it #38 on the Top 100 Christian metal albums of all-time list.[1]

Recording history[edit]

At first, Veni Domine recorded parts of the album in Eastbourne, UK, at ICC studio. P. A. Danielsson of Tiamat played keyboards on the album. The last song on the album they had to record in Thunderload studio, Sweden, since it was one of the few studios at the time that had the gear to record the over 20 minute epic "The Chronicle of the Seven Seals". Veni Domine was signed to Kingsway Music which published the album in UK and licensed it to United States and Europe through smaller labels. British artist Rodney Matthews painted the album cover. In the year 1997 Massacre Records reissued Fall Babylon Fall with a bonus track called "Visions".

Musically, the album showcases symphonic and progressive doom metal, sometimes compared to Solitude Aeturnus with Geoff Tate type vocals. The lyrics deal about the content of Book of Revelation.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Face of the Prosecutor - 8:14
  2. King of the Jews - 8:12
  3. In the Day of the Sentinel - 7:14
  4. Wisdom Calls - 6:44
  5. Armageddon - 7:34
  6. O Great City - 8:05
  7. The Chronicle of the Seven Seals - 21:21
  8. Visions (Bonus Track only on Re-release) - 4:04


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