Fall Creek Falls

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Fall Creek Falls
Fall Creek Falls.jpg
Fall Creek Falls on the left, Coon Creek Falls on the right
Location Spencer, Tennessee, United States
Coordinates 35°39′59″N 85°21′24″W / 35.66642°N 85.35655°W / 35.66642; -85.35655Coordinates: 35°39′59″N 85°21′24″W / 35.66642°N 85.35655°W / 35.66642; -85.35655
Type Plunge
Total height 256 feet (78 m)
Watercourse Fall Creek

Fall Creek Falls is the highest free-fall waterfall east of the Mississippi River. The falls are located near Spencer, Tennessee in Fall Creek Falls State Park. A short trail leads from the parking lot atop the plateau down to the base of the gorge, giving access to the waterfall's plungepool. When water flow is sufficient, Coon Creek Falls shares a plungepool.