Fall Down Dead

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Fall Down Dead
Directed by Jon Keeyes
Produced by Brandon Baker
Ron Gell
Nesim Hason
Written by Roy Sallows
Starring Dominique Swain
Mehmet Günsür
Udo Kier
David Carradine
Music by Pınar Toprak
Cinematography Richard Clabaugh
Edited by Robert J. Castaldo
Distributed by Image Entertainment
New Films International
Release dates
Running time
90 minutes
Language English

Fall Down Dead is a horror/slasher film released in 2007 starring Dominique Swain and Udo Kier. The storyline involves a metropolitan city in the grip of fear after rolling blackouts bring out a serial killer dubbed "The Picasso Killer". One night, in the middle of a blackout, seven strangers trapped in an office building are targeted by the killer as he seeks out the one that knows his true identity.

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