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This article is about the gaming convention. For the bugle call, see Fall in.

Fall In! is one of the largest gaming conventions in North America devoted to historical miniature wargaming.[1] It is sponsored by the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society, a nonprofit guiding organization, which also sponsors the much larger Historicon convention.

Typically, Fall In! is a three-day convention held in early November each year in historic Adams County, Pennsylvania, at a location immediately south of the historic Gettysburg Battlefield. Thousands of miniature gamers and military history enthusiasts gather to play in hundreds of tabletop games, tournaments, and demonstrations. The convention is accompanied by a large flea market of used gaming items and accessories, a large dealer hall offering new merchandise, a series of seminars and training sessions, painting competitions, and similar events. Over 90% of the gaming events are history-related, with the remainder being sports games and fantasy or science fiction miniature games.

Each year, Fall In! has a different theme and focal point (such as the American Civil War or World War II), and many games and supporting events are geared around the theme. Awards are presented to the Best Theme Event, as well as best games in specific time slots and other honors for particularly popular or impressive games.

The convention is normally held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, at the Eisenhower Inn and Conference Center, a hotel located on business route 15 in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, not far from the Mason–Dixon line. Over the years, the convention has moved to various locations, including Timonium, Maryland, but it has been in Gettysburg for much of the last decade since its founding.

The convention name is a registered trademark of HMGS.

Dates and themes[edit]

  • November 10 – 12, 2006 — "The American Soldier 1607 – 2006."


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