Fall in Love with Me (TV series)

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Fall In Love With Me
Fall In Love With Me promotional poster
Genre Romantic comedy
Created by Sanlih E-Television
Written by Yaya Chang 張綺恩
Li Jie Yu 李婕瑀
Wu Wei Jun 吳維君
Xu Zhi Yi 徐志怡
Chen Bi Zhen 陳碧真
Directed by Ker Choon Hooi 郭春暉
Starring Aaron Yan 炎亞綸
Tia Lee 李毓芬
Jack Li 李運慶
Katherine Wang 王凱蒂
Opening theme "1/2" (二分之一) by Aaron Yan 炎亞綸 & G.NA
Ending theme "This Is Not Me" (這不是我) by Aaron Yan 炎亞綸
Country of origin Republic of China (Taiwan)
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 20
Executive producer(s) Pan Yi Qun 潘逸群
Chen Bi Zhen 陳碧真
Producer(s) Leung Hon Fai 梁漢輝
Xu Zhi Yi 徐志怡
Huang Tai Ying 黃台盈
Production location(s) Taiwan
Running time 90 minutes
Production company(s) Eastern Shine Production Co., Ltd. 東映製作
Distributor Sanlih E-Television
Original network TTV
Picture format SDTV
First shown in Republic of China (Taiwan)
Original release 6 April (2014-04-06) – 17 August 2014 (2014-08-17)
Preceded by Deja Vu 回到愛以前
Followed by Say Again Yes I Do 再說一次我願意
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Fall In Love With Me (Chinese: 愛上兩個我; pinyin: Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo) is a 2014 Taiwanese television series created by Sanlih E-Television, starring Aaron Yan of Fahrenheit and Tia Lee of Dream Girls as the main cast. The Chinese title of the drama literally translates as "Fall in Love with Two of Me". Filming began on February 28, 2014. The series began airing on TTV channel on Sunday nights at 10:00 PM starting on April 6, 2014 and took over the time slot of previous TTV drama "Deja Vu 回到愛以前". The drama was aired as it was being filmed.

At the 3rd Sanlih Drama Awards on December 14, 2014, Aaron Yan received the Best Actor award and the series was awarded the "Viewers Choice Drama". It was also voted as the "Best Chinese Language Drama of the Year" at the 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards.


Lu Tian Xing (Aaron Yan) is a prodigy in Asia's advertising field. Rich, famous, and highly successful, he suddenly announces during a press conference that he will be taking a three-month break from the advertising life. With a simple disguise, he transforms himself into "Xiao Lu". Enter Tao Le Si (Tia Lee), a young woman who promised her late brother to protect his advertisement agency and his legacy. Unfortunately, business never picks up and Le Si had to battle with Tian Xing to stop her company from being sold. When Xiao Lu enters her office doors, Le Si initially thinks that he's Tian Xing, but the two men's personalities are complete opposites. Le Si finds herself drawn to Xiao Lu's warm temperament, but will their love last once she discovers the truth of his identity?


Main cast[edit]

  • Aaron Yan 炎亞綸 as Lu Tian Xing 路天行 (Episodes 01 - 20)/Xiao Lu 小鹿 (Episodes 01 - 11, 20)
Lu Tian Xing (Episodes 01- 20) - Lu Tian Xing has been named the 21st century prodigy of the marketing industry. He has a creative mind that is able to come up with award winning creations and marketing ideas. One day he realizes that he has lost his sense of creativity and decides to take a three-month vacation from work in order to find his inspiration again. He disguises himself as Xiao Lu and enters the OZ company to become an employee.
Xiao Lu (Episodes 01 - 11, 20) - Lu Tian Xing's alter ego. He enters the OZ company as Xiao Lu and forms a close bond with his co-workers, particularly his boss, Tao Le Si.
  • Tia Lee 李毓芬 as Tao Le Si 陶樂思
Tao Le Si tries to stay afloat by managing her late brother's advertising company OZ. She is a hard worker who is always optimistic. Despite her hard work, she finds it difficult to run the company as she continues to lose customers to the point where she can barely pay her workers/friends. One day, during heavy traffic, she meets Lu Tian Xing, who later arrives at her house offering to buy OZ. Due to this offer, she automatically assumes that Lu Tian Xing is a coldhearted man with evil intentions, thus having a bad first impression of him. She has no idea that Xiao Lu is Lu Tian Xing in disguise when he comes to work for her company.

Supporting Cast[edit]

  • Jack Li 李運慶 as Leo 翁立洋
Works at OZ as the creative director of advertising. He is a very loyal and serious person. People who don't know him describe him as a person who has a cold robotic personality. Only his colleagues know the real him and see him as a big brother. He is very close to Tao Le Si which causes him confusion on how he really feels about her.
  • Katherine Wang 王凱蒂 as Xu Miao Miao 徐妙妙
Works at OZ as a creative visual designer and has been Tao Le Si's best friend since college. She has a playful and active personality and often acts like a teenage girl. She likes to use her designs and drawings to express her inner thoughts and emotions.

Other cast[edit]

  • Huang Huai Chen 黃懷晨 as Wang Ting Wei 王廷威
Works at Tian Ji Advertising Company as an executive assistant.
  • Hope Lin 林可彤 as Helen Cao Hia Lun 曹海倫
Works at Tian Ji Advertising Company as an executive secretary.
Tian Xings's childhood friend who is in love with him.
  • Kao Ying Hsuan 高英軒 as Li Qi Xuan / Lance 李奇軒
Tian Ji Advertising's Chief Operations Officer and Huan Huan's older brother.
  • Chen Bo Zheng 陳博正 as Fu Bo 福伯
Tian Xing's butler as well as a servant to the Li family.
  • Alixia Kim as Asa Xa
Tian Xing's personal maid who previously worked in a special maid latte cafe in Japan.
  • Jian Chang 檢場 as Tao De Li 陶得力
Tao Le Si's father who is a Chinese herbal medicine specialist.
  • Xie Qiong Nuan 謝瓊煖 as Hong Xiu Luan 洪秀鑾
Tao Le Si's mother who is a chiropractor.
  • Evan Yo 蔡旻佑 as Tao Le Yuan 陶樂源
Tao Le Si's older brother and the founder of OZ Advertising Company.
  • Yang Ming Wei 楊銘威 as Jia Gai Xian 賈蓋先
Works at OZ as an assistant director.


Opening Theme

Ending Theme

  • This Is Not Me 這不是我 by Aaron Yan 炎亞綸

Insert Songs

  • The Unwanted Love 多餘的我 by Aaron Yan 炎亞綸
  • No Rules 沒規矩 by Aaron Yan 炎亞綸
  • The Only Rose 唯一的玫瑰 by Aaron Yan 炎亞綸
  • Taipei Dreamin 台北沉睡了 by Aaron Yan 炎亞綸
  • Melted 融化了 by Popu Lady
  • The Happiness Is Just Enough 這樣的幸福剛剛好 by Popu Lady
  • The Warmth in the Pocket 口袋的溫度 by Hebe 田馥甄


Channel Country Airing Date Timeslot
TTV HD  Taiwan April 6, 2014 Sunday 10:00 PM
SETTV April 12, 2014 Saturday 10:00 PM
ETTV April 13, 2014 Sunday 8:30 PM
E City  Singapore June 28, 2014 Saturday 8:00 PM
Shuang Xing  Malaysia August 13, 2014 Monday to Friday 10:30 PM
TVB Drama 1  Hong Kong September 10, 2014 Monday to Friday 2:00 PM
Home Drama  Japan November 25, 2014 Tuesday 1:15 PM
True Asian Series  Thailand November 30, 2014 Saturday and Sunday 7:00 PM
GMA Network  Philippines February 23, 2015 Monday to Friday 5:15 PM
GMA News TV  Philippines March 13, 2017 Monday to Friday 11:00 PM

Episode ratings[edit]

Competing dramas on rival channels airing at the same time slot were:

Air Date Episode Average Ratings Rank
April 6, 2014 1 1.95 1
April 13, 2014 2 1.32 1
April 20, 2014 3 1.07 1
April 27, 2014 4 1.28 1
May 4, 2014 5 1.27 1
May 11, 2014 6 1.14 1
May 18, 2014 7 1.45 1
May 25, 2014 8 1.52 1
June 1, 2014 9 1.28 1
June 8, 2014 10 1.19 1
June 15, 2014 11 1.58 1
June 22, 2014 12 1.34 1
June 29, 2014 13 1.47 1
July 6, 2014 14 1.35 1
July 13, 2014 15 1.86 1
July 20, 2014 16 1.70 1
July 27, 2014 17 2.16 1
August 3, 2014 18 2.17 1
August 10, 2014 19 2.33 1
August 17, 2014 20 2.58 1
Average ratings 1.55 1

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Ceremony Category Nominee Result
2014 2014 Sanlih Drama Awards 華劇大賞


Viewers Choice Drama Award Fall in Love with Me Won
Best Actor Award Aaron Yan Won
Best Actress Award Tia Lee Nominated
Best Screen Couple Award Aaron Yan & Tia Lee Nominated
Best Kiss Award Aaron Yan & Tia Lee Nominated
Best Crying Award Aaron Yan & Tia Lee Nominated
Best Lady Killer Award Chen Bo Zheng Won
Jian Chang Nominated
China Wave Award Aaron Yan Nominated
Tia Lee Nominated
Weibo Popularity Award Aaron Yan Won
Tia Lee Nominated


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