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Fall for Dance is an annual dance festival presented by New York City Center in New York City. Established in 2004 as a means to introduce new audiences to dance, and loosely based on the Delacorte Dance Festival model of the 1960s and 1970s, Fall For Dance showcases as many as five different dance companies on each of the festival's six nights. In response to the Festival's popularity, in 2006 the number of performances was expanded to ten, with four of the six programs being repeated; in 2009 the number of performances remained ten, with five programs, each repeating.

Roster of performances[edit]


[2004 review 1][2004 review 2][2004 review 3][2004 review 4]


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[2007 Playbill 1][2007 review 1][2007 review 2][2007 review 3][2007 review 4][2007 review 5][2007 review 6]


Week one, September 17–21[edit]

[2008 review 1]

program one [2008 Playbill 1][2008 review 2][2008 review 3][edit]
    • Shen Wei Dance Arts, Map (excerpts), choreography by Shen Wei
    • Pichet Klunchun Dance Company, Chui Chai, choreography by Pichet Klunchun
    • Keigwin + Company, Fire, choreography by Larry Keigwin
    • The National Ballet of Canada, Soldiers' Mass, choreography by Jirí Kylián
program two [2008 Playbill 1][2008 review 4][edit]
program three [2008 Playbill 1][2008 review 4][edit]
    • Les Ballet Jazz de Montréal, [bjm_danse], Les Chambres des Jacques (excerpt), choreography by Aszure Barton
    • Oregon Ballet Theatre, RUSH (pas de deux), choreography by Christopher Wheeldon
    • Madhavi Mudgal, Odissi:PRAVAHA, choreography by Madhavi Mudgal
    • Sheron Wray, Harmonica Breakdown, choreography by Jane Dudley
    • Hofesh Shechter Company, Uprising (excerpt), choreography by Hofesh Shechter

Week two, September 23–27[edit]

program four [2008 Playbill 1][2008 review 5][edit]
    • BeijingDance / LDTX, The Cold Dagger (excerpt), choreography by Li Hanzhong and Ma Bo
    • Houston Ballet, Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux, choreography by George Balanchine
    • Richard Siegal/The Bakery, The New 45, choreography by Richard Siegal
    • Fang-Yi Sheu, Single Room (excerpt), choreography by Bulareyuang Pagarlava
    • The Gentlemen of Hälau Nä Kamalei, Kahikilani, choreography by Robert Uluwehi Cazimero
program five [2008 Playbill 1][2008 review 6][edit]
    • The Suzanne Farrell Ballet, Pithoprakta, choreography by George Balanchine
    • Talia Paz, Love (excerpt), choreography by Sharon Eyal
    • The Lombard Twins, Lombard Play Piazzolla – The Dance Concert, choreography by Martin and Facundo Lombard
    • Kate Weare Company, The Light Has Not the Arms to Carry Us, choreography by Kate Weare
    • Garth Fagan Dance, From Before, choreography by Garth Fagan
program six [2008 Playbill 1][2008 review 7][edit]
    • Compañia Nacional de Danza, Artistic Director Nacho Duato, Cor Perdut, choreography by Nacho Duato
    • Paul Taylor Dance Company, Esplanade, choreography by Paul Taylor


Week one, September 22–27[edit]

Week two, September 30 – October 3[edit]

Pilgrim of Sorrow
I Been 'Buked
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
Fix Me, Jesus
Take Me to the Water
Processional / Honor, Honor
Wade in the Water
I Wanna Be Ready
Move, Members, Move
Sinner Man
The Day is Past and Gone
You May Run On
Rocka My soul in the Bosom of Abraham


  1. ^ Four Bagatelles replaced the Herman Schmerman pas de deux.


week one, September 28 – October 3[edit]

program one[edit]
program two[edit]
program three[edit]

week two, October 6–9[edit]

program four[edit]
program five[edit]



week one, September 27–30[edit]

program one[edit]
program two[edit]

week two, October 2–7[edit]

program three[edit]
program four[edit]
program five[edit]



week one, September 27–30[edit]

week three, October 11–13[edit]


  1. ^ premiere October 2009, Dortmund
  2. ^ premiere March 20, 2010, Grand Vanemuine, Estonia
  3. ^ a b c adapted for Fall for Dance



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