Fall of Kampala

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The Liberation of Kampala
Part of Uganda-Tanzania War
Date April 11, 1979
Location Kampala
Result Decisive Tanzanian victory
Overthrow of Idi Amin
Uganda Ugandan Army
Tanzania Tanzania People's Defence Force
Uganda Uganda National Liberation Army
Commanders and leaders
Uganda Idi Amin Tanzanian army:
Tanzania Julius Nyerere
Uganda Tito Okello
Uganda Yoweri Museveni
Uganda David Oyite-Ojok

The Fall of Kampala (or Liberation of Kampala) was a battle during the Uganda-Tanzania War, in which the combined forces of the Tanzanian army and the Uganda National Liberation Army (composed of Ugandan exiles) attacked and captured the Ugandan capital, Kampala.[1] This resulted in the overthrow of Idi Amin, the military dictator of Uganda, whose invasion of Tanzania had started the war. Amin fled first to Libya and then to Saudi Arabia, where he died in 2003.

In popular culture[edit]

This battle is depicted in the (fictional) novel The Last King of Scotland.


  1. ^ Jan Jelmert Jørgensen (January 1981). Uganda: A Modern History. Croom Helm. pp. 331–. ISBN 978-0-85664-643-0. Retrieved 2 August 2013. The liberation of Kampala was accompanied by a wave of looting, first by retreating Amin supporters, then by citizens and invading forces. In a pattern that was repeated in most towns, looters stripped shops, factories, go-downs, hospitals, ...