Fall of the Idols

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Live at Jalometalli 2008, Oulu
Jyrki Hakomäki

Fall of the Idols is a doom metal band from Tornio, Finland, established in 2000. Their first full-length album, entitled The Womb of the Earth, was released in July 2006 on I Hate Records. The second album The Séance was released in April 2008. Both albums artwork has been designed by Albert Witchfinder of Reverend Bizarre. Band's music can be described as a combination of Cathedral, Candlemass and The Doors with vocalist Jyrki Hakomäki's vocals ranging from Jim Morrisonesque crooning to manic screams whilst the band's musical arrangements combine traditional slow doom metal riffing to sweeping epic melodies.

Drummer Hannu Weckman died in June 2011 in the age of 28, while the band was recording their third album. Despite that the band continued to finish the album, Solemn Verses.


  • Jyrki Hakomäki - vocals (2002, 2004 -) also drums (2000–2004, 2013-)
  • Vesa Karppinen - bass (2000 -)
  • Rami Moilanen - guitar (2002 -)
  • Jouni Sihvonen - guitar (2004 -)
  • Tommi Turunen - guitar (2000 -)

Former members[edit]

  • Panu Paunonen - vocals (2003–2004)
  • Hannu Weckman - drums (2005–2011, died in June 2011)



  • Demo2002 (demo, 2002)
  • Fall of the Idols (EP, 2004)
  • Agonies Be Thy Children (demo, 2005)
  • The Pathway (demo, 2005)


  • The Womb of the Earth (I Hate Records, 2006)
  • The Séance (I Hate Records, 2008)
  • Solemn Verses (I Hate Records, 2012)


  • Spiritus Mortis/Fall of the Idols (I Hate Records, 2009)
  • Tales of Doom and Woe; split with Forsaken (I Hate Records, 2010)


  • Ascension: 2001-2007 (Ghouls Nite Out, 2010)

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