Falla Nou Campanar

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Falla Nou Campanar (Valencian pronunciation: [ˈfaʎa ˈnɔw kampaˈnaɾ]) is a Valencian Falla.

It is located outside of the city center and not within a neighborhood but on a plot to itself. For many years, it has been the largest and most expensive falla, winning the prize for the best falla in the city six years in a row from 2004 to 2009[1] and consequently was often the penultimate falla to be burned. It won the first prize of the big falla for seven times and so for the small falla, all that in only ten years of history.

Its president was the real estate businessman Juan Armiñana, who had large amounts of money to invest in the falla, leading to afford the best artists and engineers and beating many records (like being the first falla surpassing the 30 m of high), which caused criticism from other fallas, claiming that this difference made competition impossible. In 2006, the big falla cost approximately 600.000 Euros, while the small falla cost around 120.000 Euros, which is the approximate cost of most big fallas in the top Section. The cost of the big falla raised to more than 720.000 Euros in 2007, 800.000 Euros in 2008, and reached the top in 2009, when its cost was of approximately 1.000.000 Euros.

Juan Armiñana left the Falla with most of the falleros in 2013, which caused it to lose an important part of its economic source income. The remaining falleros tried to move the falla away from its former concept, making experimental fallas in 2014, and repeating this in 2015 with a cost of 90.000 Euros, but it was leaved without prize both years. However, economic problems resulting from Armiñana's departure made the falla unable to compete in the top Section, and they could not make a falla in 2016 due to the lack of falleros to invest money on it.


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