Falling (Blue Peter album)

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Studio album by Blue Peter
Released 1983
Genre New wave
Length 23:07
Label Ready Records LR034[1]
Producer Steve Nye
Blue Peter chronology
Up To You (7")

Falling was the second full-length album by the Toronto-based new wave band Blue Peter. Coming on the heels of Up To You, their successful 1982 EP, Steve Nye was selected to produce their next album, which included[2] the hit song, "Don't Walk Past".[3] Nye's production emphasized keyboards over guitars, and drew comparisons with his work with Roxy Music and Japan.[2]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[4]

Released in the spring of 1983 on Ready Records, Falling peaked nationally at 64 (where it stayed for three weeks) on the Canadian Albums Chart,[5] and was ranked 25th on Toronto radio station CFNY's Top 83 of 1983 chart.[6] The biggest single from Falling was "Don't Walk Past", known for its jangly guitar riff,[2] and CFNY ranked the song at 92 in its Best 102 of the Decade in January 1990.[7] The video for "Don't Walk Past", directed by Rob Quartly, was inspired by the then-recent film Blade Runner[8] and became the first from a Canadian indie label to get played on MTV in the United States.[9] The video also won awards including "Best Video of 1983" from the Canadian Film and Television Association,[3] and was ranked at 85 on MuchMusic's Top Videos of The Century list.[10]


Blue Peter:

Additional personnel:

  • Leslie Howitt - backing vocals on "Don't Walk Past"
  • Matt Zimball - congas on "Unchained Heart"[9]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Chris Wardman, except where noted:

Side 1:
1. "Falling" (4:30)
2. "Don't Walk Past" (4:27)
3. "Red Filters" (4:05)
4. "All Your Time" (4:32)
5. "Unchained Heart" (4:00) (Sniderman)

Side 2:
6. "Head Over Heels" (3:57)
7. "Pendulum" (4:02)
8. "Burning Bridges" (3:55)
9. "Right Stuff" (3:55) (Wardman, Joudrey and Kevin Doyle)
10. "Newsreel" (4:42)[2]


In 2007, Falling was re-issued by Universal Music Canada, combined with Vertigo, a collection of previously unreleased material.[11] The additional eight songs were recorded as demos in 1984, and, in some cases, completed with additional parts added in 1996 by Humphrey and Joudrey.[3] The Vertigo tracks were produced by Blue Peter and Kevin Doyle. Songs were written by Chris Wardman, except where noted:

Additional tracks
11. "Water off the Moon" (4:54)
12. "Night Duty" (4:33) (Wardman, Sniderman)
13. "Throw It Down" (4:33)
14. "Lap of Luxury" (4:45)
15. "Equalizer" (4:26) (Wardman, Sniderman)
16. "Vertigo" (4:35)
17. "Steal Away" (3:33) (Wardman, Sniderman)
18. "Into the Parade" (4:45) (Wardman, Sniderman)


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