Falling Sky

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Falling Sky
Directed by Russ Brandt
Brian J. De Palma
Produced by Mark Burman
Jan Eisner
Gary Shar
Sabrina Sipantzi
Written by Brian J. De Palma
Starring Karen Allen
Brittany Murphy
Music by Daniel Getz
Ivan Koutikov
Cinematography Russ Brandt
Edited by Daniel Loewenthal
Shar Visions
Burman Entertainment
MEB Entertainment
Walpen Adevntures
Distributed by DEJ Productions
Release date
November 1, 1999 (1999-11-01)
Running time
95 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Falling Sky is a 1998 American drama film starring Karen Allen, Brittany Murphy and Jeremy Jordan. It was released direct-to-video in the UK in 1999 and wasn't released in the US until August 26, 2005.[1]


Murphy plays the role of Emily. Her alcoholic mother, Reese, tells her that the disease runs in the family, and she is at risk of having it too. After Resse kills herself in the bathtub, she leaves a recorded tape saying "I'm sorry Emily, but I'm just so tired." Devastated, Emily turns to drink, and the prophecy comes true.

However, after seeing what alcohol has done to her life, Emily drives to a lake and tries to drown herself. At the last minute, she gasps for air and says "My mother chose to die. There was nothing I could do to ease her pain. Except maybe, choosing to live."



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