Falling Toward Apotheosis

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"Falling Toward Apotheosis"
Babylon 5 episode
B5 Falling Toward Apotheosis 1.jpg
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 4
Directed by David J. Eagle
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Production code 404
Original air date 25 November 1996
Guest appearance(s)

Wayne Alexander (Lorien)
Wortham Krimmer (Emperor Cartagia)
Ed Wasser (Morden)

Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Summoning"
Next →
"The Long Night"
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"Falling Toward Apotheosis" is an episode from the fourth season of the science fiction television series Babylon 5.


The Vorlons have started openly destroying worlds which have come under the influence of the Shadows. Wishing to move against them, Captain Sheridan sets in motion a plan to remove the Vorlon ambassador from Babylon 5.

On Centauri Prime, it is revealed that the Shadow vessels stationed there have made the world a target for the Vorlon advance. Londo Mollari urges Emperor Cartagia to remove the Shadows' ships, and is refused. It transpires that the insane Cartagia expects to ascend to godhood (apotheosis) when the Vorlons destroy his world.

Lyta Alexander lures Ambassador Ulkesh into a trap. The Vorlon's encounter suit is destroyed, and the Vorlon, revealed as a tentacled being, is defeated by Sheridan, Lorien and a remnant of Ambassador Kosh. Sheridan is rendered unconscious during the battle, and is revived by Lorien. It is revealed that Sheridan only has another twenty years to live.

Arc significance[edit]

  • The new Vorlon is gone, driven off the station with the aid of a small piece of Kosh that Sheridan had been carrying around since Kosh was killed by the Shadows in "Interludes and Examinations."
  • Sheridan has only twenty years to live.
  • Sheridan and Delenn become engaged.
  • Cartagia has G'Kar's eye plucked out, fulfilling part of the prophecy of Londo's dream, also seen during Sheridan's trip to the future in "War Without End"
  • The true appearance of the Vorlons is revealed.

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