Falling Up (film)

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Falling Up
Falling Up.jpg
Directed by David M. Rosenthal (director)
Produced by Craig Conolly, Joseph M. Smith, Juan A. Mas, Rich Cowan, Alex Hank, Peter Kellner, Matt Luber, Richard Salvatore, Phoebe Stephens
Written by David M. Rosenthal (director)
Joseph M. Smith
Starring Joseph Cross
Sarah Roemer
Snoop Dogg
Rachael Leigh Cook
Claudette Lali
Joe Pantoliano
Mimi Rogers
Annette O'Toole
Music by Mark Mothersbaugh
Cinematography Joseph Gallagher
Edited by Conor O'Neill
Distributed by Anchor Bay (US & UK)
Gryphon (Australia)
Release date
  • September 29, 2009 (2009-09-29) (Australia)
  • January 5, 2010 (2010-01-05) (United States)
Country United States
Language English

Falling Up (known in Australia as The Golden Door) is a 2009 romantic comedy film that was released direct-to-video in late 2009 or early 2010 depending on region.


Nursing student Henry O'Shea (Joseph Cross), who suddenly finds himself the 'head' of his family, after the death of his father, takes a leave from school to support his mother, getting a job as a New York doorman. Soon one of the building's residents, Scarlett Dowling (Sarah Roemer), takes notice of him and soon they become romantically attracted to each other, much to the annoyance of her mother (Mimi Rogers).



Home media[edit]

First shown on the Showtime network, the film has a TV-14 rating for American television.[1]

The film was released on Region 4 DVD in September 2009 under the alternate title as The Golden Door, with an M advisory.[2]

Falling Up was released on Region 1 DVD in January 2010 without an MPAA rating. The Region 2 DVD was released in March 2010 with a 12 certificate.[3]

Reviewer Amy Longsdorf wrote that although the film is predictable, "this modest charmer has a surprising delicacy and old-fashioned humanity" and is worth watching at home.[4]


The exterior of the apartment building used in the movie is at 1215 5th Avenue, between 101st and 102nd Streets, just above Mt. Sinai Hospital. The Maine Monument at the entrance to Central Park at Merchants' Gate is also featured in one dog walking scene in the movie.


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