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Born 1967 (age 50–51)[1]
Other names Robin Lee, Robin Lee Fallon, Laurie Peacock, Joanna Steward, Marilyn Palmer, Lauren Hall, Afrodite, Squirt, Joanna Stewart, Laurie P., Aphrodite, M. Palmer, L. Hall, The Squirt, Lori[1]
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)[1]

Fallon (born March 12, 1967 as Celine Borcon[1]) is an American pornographic actress known as the first to perform ejaculating orgasms on film.[2][3][4]

Pornographic film career[edit]

Fallon's film career began in 1985.[1] She appeared in two films while pregnant, performing sex scenes in both Ready to Drop 2[5] and Fallon's Follies.


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