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Fallon Worldwide
Industryadvertising agency

Fallon is a full-service advertising agency headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with affiliate offices in London, Prague, Detroit, and Tokyo. It is a subsidiary of Publicis.[1]


Fallon was founded in 1981 as Fallon McElliott Rice in 1981 by Patrick Fallon, Tom McEliott, Nancy Rice, Fred Senn and Irv Fish. [2][3] Fallon printed a full-page agency manifesto in the Minneapolis Star and Minneapolis Tribune in 1981, seeking “companies that would rather outsmart the competition than outspend them”—a cold call for national advertising work that ran only in the local papers, and a “provocative message pitching scientific thinking and a condemnation of the prevailing strategies of the industry.”[4]

Fallon McElligott Rice’s first national client was an insurance agency, ITT Life. In 1981, the agency added several more national accounts to its roster, including The Wall Street Journal, US West, and the Episcopal Church. The agency was named Ad Age’s Agency of the Year in 1983,[4] 1995,[5] 1997[6] and, was the Comeback Agency of the Year in 2015.[7]

Notable campaigns[edit]

Key people[15][edit]

  • Pat Fallon – Co-Founder
  • Tom McElliot - Co-Founder, Creative director[16]
  • Mike Buchner – Chairman


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