Falls Church News-Press

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Falls Church News-Press
Type Weekly newspaper (Thursdays)
Format Tabloid
Publisher Nicholas Benton
Editor Nicholas Benton
Editor-in-chief Nicholas Benton
Founded 1991
Language English
Headquarters 200 Little Falls Street, Suite 508, Falls Church, VA 22046
OCLC number 37046234
Website http://www.fcnp.com/

The Falls Church News-Press is a weekly newspaper based in Falls Church, Virginia. The periodical was founded in 1991 by Owner/Editor-in-Chief Nicholas F. Benton, who has repeatedly referred to it in editorials as the City's "paper-of-record." The periodical has its roots in his presentation to the local Chamber of Commerce, where, according to his interview with Equality Virginia,[1] he presented his plan to advertise the local companies' services. He left that night with the Chamber’s endorsement and a list of 250 businesses to approach. One hundred thirty agreed to support the periodical with their advertising. With a stack of their postcards pledging support as collateral, Benton secured seed money to start the Falls Church News-Press[2]

The News-Press claims a free circulation of 10,000,[3] and is delivered in Bailey's Crossroads, Sleepy Hollow, Pimmit Hills, Lake Barcroft, and City of Falls Church regions.

Columnists for the News-Press include Nicholas F. Benton, Wayne Besen, Mike Hume, and Tom Whipple. Jody Fellows is managing editor.

The newspaper was named CityPaper's "Best Remnant of the Liberal Media" for 2008.[4]

In April 2012, the White House denied the News-Press's request to attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner.[5]


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