Falls Church News-Press

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Falls Church News-Press
TypeWeekly newspaper (Thursdays)
PublisherNicholas Benton
EditorNicholas Benton
Editor-in-chiefNicholas Benton
Headquarters200 Little Falls Street, Suite 508, Falls Church, VA 22046
OCLC number37046234

The Falls Church News-Press is a weekly newspaper based in Falls Church, Virginia. The periodical was founded in 1991 by Owner/Editor-in-Chief Nicholas F. Benton, who has repeatedly referred to it in editorials as the City's paper of record. The periodical has its roots in his presentation to the local Chamber of Commerce, where, according to his interview with Equality Virginia,[1] he presented his plan to advertise the local companies' services. He left that night with the Chamber’s endorsement and a list of 250 businesses to approach. One hundred thirty agreed to support the periodical with their advertising. With a stack of their postcards pledging support as collateral, Benton secured seed money to start the Falls Church News-Press[2]

The News-Press claims a free circulation of 10,000,[3] and is delivered in Bailey's Crossroads, Sleepy Hollow, Pimmit Hills, Lake Barcroft, and City of Falls Church regions.

The newspaper was named CityPaper's "Best Remnant of the Liberal Media" for 2008.[4]

In April 2012, the White House denied the News-Press's request to attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner.[5]


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