Falmouth Harbour

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For the harbour of the port of Falmouth, Cornwall, UK, see Falmouth, Cornwall.
Falmouth Harbour is located in Antigua and Barbuda
Falmouth Harbour
Falmouth Harbour
Location of Falmouth Harbour within Antigua and Barbuda

Falmouth Harbour is a horseshoe-shaped natural harbour on the far south of the island of Antigua. The small township of Falmouth lies close to its northern shore, and English Harbour is located close to its eastern shore. Its geographic coordinates are 17°1′0″N 61°46′0″W / 17.01667°N 61.76667°W / 17.01667; -61.76667.[1]

The harbour lies close to the eastern end of the Shekerley Mountains, a range of hills skirting Antigua's south coast. Monk's Hill, the easternmost peak in the range, lies immediately to the north of the harbour.


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Coordinates: 17°01′N 61°46′W / 17.017°N 61.767°W / 17.017; -61.767