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For the drink popular in South Asia, see Falooda.
Alternative names Paloodeh
Type Dessert
Course Lunch & Dinner
Place of origin Shiraz, Iran
Main ingredients Vermicelli, syrup (sugar, rose water)
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Faloodeh (Persian: فالوده Fālūde‎‎) or Paludeh (Persian: پالوده Pālūde‎‎) is an Iranian cold dessert consisting of thin vermicelli noodles made from corn starch mixed in a semi-frozen syrup made from sugar and rose water. It is often served with lime juice and sometimes ground pistachios. It is a traditional dessert in Iran (Persia). Paludeh is originally from Shiraz and it is also known as Shirazi Paludeh.[1]

The name originally means smoothy (filtered) in Persian language. In Iran, Palude is sold in ice cream stores (Persian: بستنی فروشی) (Bastani Forooshi) and coffee shops.[2]


A thin wheat starch batter is pressed through a sieve which further produces delicate strings. These strings look like grated coconut. Cold milk with blended almonds and pistachios is added, and then cooled.[3]

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