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False Bay College is in Cape Town, South Africa.

False Bay TVET College offers vocational, occupational and skills programmes in a range of fields: Engineering, Business, Hospitality, Information Technology, Safety in Society, Education Studies, 2D Animation, Tourism and Boat Building.


False Bay TVET College has five campuses, serving residents in the geographical area known as the South Peninsula as well as the areas of Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha.

Campus Location Coordinates
Khayelitsha Khayelitsha 34°2′58″S 18°39′15″E / 34.04944°S 18.65417°E / -34.04944; 18.65417 (False Bay College, Good Hope campus)
Fish Hoek Fish Hoek 34°8′16″S 18°25′26″E / 34.13778°S 18.42389°E / -34.13778; 18.42389 (False Bay College, Fish Hoek campus)
Mitchell's Plain Mitchell's Plain 34°3′37″S 18°37′13″E / 34.06028°S 18.62028°E / -34.06028; 18.62028 (False Bay College, Mitchell's Plain campus)
Muizenburg Muizenberg 34°6′26″S 18°28′7″E / 34.10722°S 18.46861°E / -34.10722; 18.46861 (False Bay College, Muizenberg campus)
Westlake Tokai 34°4′38″S 18°26′25″E / 34.07722°S 18.44028°E / -34.07722; 18.44028 (False Bay College, Westlake campus)

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Coordinates: 34°6′26″S 18°28′7″E / 34.10722°S 18.46861°E / -34.10722; 18.46861