False Flag (TV series)

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False Flag
Also known as Kfulim
Genre Drama, Thriller
Created by Maria Feldman
Amit Cohen
Based on Mahmoud al-Mabhouh case
Written by Amit Cohen
Directed by Oded Raskin
Starring Ishai Golan
Maggie Azarzar
Ania Bukstein
Angel Bonani
Orna Salinger
Mickey Leon
Morris Cohen
Sergey Bukhman
Country of origin Israel
Original language(s) Hebrew
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 8
Producer(s) Maria Feldman
Liat Bnasoli
Cinematography Nadav Hakselman
Editor(s) Or Ben David
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 45 minutes
Production company(s) Keshet Media
Distributor Fox Broadcasting Company
Original network Channel 2
Picture format 576p (PAL)
1080i (16:9 HDTV)
Original release October 29, 2015 – present
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False Flag (original title in Hebrew: כפולים Translit.: Kfulim Translated: "Doubled") is an Israeli television thriller drama series.

The series is directed by Oded Raskin and stars Ishai Golan, Maggie Azarzar, Angel Bonanni, Ania Bukstein and Orna Salinger. It was created for Keshet International by Maria Feldman and Amit Cohen. It involves five ordinary Israelis who wake up one morning and discover that their names, faces, and personal details have been splashed across the world’s media on suspicion of involvement in a high-profile kidnapping.

The series had its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in February, and won the audience award at France's Series Mania festival in April 2015. In October 2015, during the annual trade show MIPCOM, it was announced that the series was acquired by Fox International and was its first acquisition of a foreign-language series on a global scale.[1] The show will be broadcast in 127 countries.

False Flag was made by Keshet International and originally aired on Israel's Channel 2 on October 29, 2015.


The show is loosely based on the story of the assassination in Dubai of a senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, the co-founder of military wing of the Islamist Palestinian group Hamas on January 19, 2010.[2]

Series synopsis[edit]

The series revolves around five ordinary Israeli citizens who discover one morning via the media that they are the principal suspects of a high-profile kidnapping and are implicated as culprits in the kidnapping. They are involved in a brutal kidnapping of the Iranian minister of defense, Farhead Sulimani, during his visit to Moscow on 15 April 2015, having arrived in the country earlier that day from London under an alias and using one of several passports. According to Federal Security Service, Sulimani was drugged. Widespread speculation, which Russian police allegations support, is that he was killed by Israeli Mossad in a secret mission.

News channels around the world cover the incident while broadcasting the footage of the kidnapping, the five Israelis soon become wanted and their personal details, including their passports photos, are shown on the media and TV channels around the world.

The unceasing news coverage causes an uproar in the suspects' lives and mixed feelings from their surroundings and the public. Their attempts to deny their involvement are in vain. The Mossad and the Israeli government leave them to deal with it on their own instead of providing protection. It's not long before they undermine their credibility. Later, even their closest friends begin to distrust them. Although eventually it is discovered that they are not that innocent.

Cast and characters[edit]

Main cast[edit]

  • Ishai Golan as Ben "Benny" Rephael - A chemist and a family man, an Israeli with a Greek citizenship.
  • Maggie Azarzar as Natalie Alfassia - A bride on her wedding day, an Israeli with a French citizenship.
  • Ania Bukstein as Asia Brindich - A kindergarten teacher, an Israeli with a Russian citizenship.
  • Angel Bonanni as Sean Tilson - An Israeli with a Dutch citizenship, came back to Israel after a vacation in India.
  • Orna Salinger as Emma Lipman - New Israeli citizen with a British citizenship.
  • Mickey Leon as Eithan Kopel - Head of the Shin Bet investigation team and a former Mossad agent.

Recurring cast[edit]

  • Morris Cohen as Eli Mazor - Shin Bet investigator
  • Sergey Bukhman as Alex Feldman - Shin Bet investigator
  • Avigail Ariely as Efrat - Ben's wife
  • Roi Assaf as Yuval - Natalie's fiance
  • Shalom Shmuelov as the Israeli Prime Minister
  • Yigal Naor as Gabi


Title Summary Directed Written Original air date Israel viewers
Episode 1
Russian intelligence uncovers footage of five Israelis kidnapping the Iranian defence minister
Oded Raskin
Amit Cohen
Maria Feldman
October 29, 2015
Episode 2
Eitan interrogates four of the suspects whilst Sean avoids capture
Oded Raskin
Amit Cohen
Maria Feldman
October 29, 2015
Episode 3
A new video of the Iranian defence minister surfaces claiming to have defected and not been kidnapped
Oded Raskin
Amit Cohen
Maria Feldman
November 4, 2015
Episode 4
Natalie admits to having laundered money for anonymous people but didn't know it was for Sean
Oded Raskin
Amit Cohen
Maria Feldman
November 4, 2015
Episode 5
Sean suspects Gabi Silvers' motives. He abandons the safe house to collect a memory stick left at Asia's apartment
Oded Raskin
Amit Cohen
Maria Feldman
November 11, 2015
Episode 6
Benny and Emma get help from Yuval in their escape. They warn Asia and escape to an isolated cabin
Oded Raskin
Amit Cohen
Maria Feldman
November 18, 2015
Episode 7
Inside the cabin, Asia argues with everyone and goes to an isolated spot with Sean
Oded Raskin
Amit Cohen
Maria Feldman
November 25, 2015
Episode 8
After a shootout between Sean and Emma, Benny manages to convince Sean to escape. Benny, Emma, Asia and Natalie are arrested and extradited to Russia
Oded Raskin
Amit Cohen Maria
December 2, 2015

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