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Familiada logo.png
Show's logo
Starring Karol Strasburger
Opening theme Main Street U.S.A
Country of origin Poland
Original language(s) Polish
No. of episodes 2,296
Running time 25 minutes
Original network TVP2
Picture format 4:3 (1994 - 2010)
16:9 HD (2010 - present)
Original release 17 September 1994 – present
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Familiada (Family Olympics) is the Polish version of Family Feud. It started airing the show in 1994 on TVP2. It is hosted by actor Karol Strasburger. The biggest prize on the show is currently 15,000 złotys. Until 1995, the award was 100 000 000 old złotys (equivalent of 10 000 new złotys). It is shown on every Saturday and Sunday at 14:00 (CET).


Originally in contrast to the US version, there is no "face-off" question; the award is fixed. That was later changed to the players answering a question with a face-off in the same style as the US version.

The first team to score 300 points can participate in the final round to win 15 000 złotys. Each point earns 3 złotys.

If a team doesn't answer after 3 seconds, a strike shows on the scoreboard. Teams are allowed 3 strikes; after the 2nd, the other family starts to confer. When the 3rd strike appears on the side of scoreboard, the host goes to the rivaling team and the leader answers. The answer is the final word. If the answer is on the board, the family steals the points; if not, the family originally in control gains the points.

Scoring is as follows:

Stages 1~3 - scoring 1x.

Stage 4 - scoring 2x.

Stages 5 and above - scoring 3x.

Final round (accessed only when one team scored 300 (mentioned earlier) points) - no multiplier.

Getting 200 points in the final round awards 15 000 złotys. Otherwise, the family wins three zlotys for each point. the head of the family chooses 2 people for the last round (including himself/herself if he/she desired to play). First player has 15 seconds to answer 5 questions. The second one must answer the same 5 questions in 20 seconds. Players can pass if needed, and the host will return to the question if time permits. During the second round, when the loud beep triggers, the contestant is told the answer is repeated and must give another one. In both cases, when the time gong sounds or contestant answers all questions, the host and player turn around to see the results. If a player passes on a question, and doesn't answer it in time, the scoreboard shows 4 dashes and 0 points for this answer.

When a team excesses 200 points before the final answer, the host reads the #1 answers just after the scoreboard shows the total winnings. If the team s not score 200 points, each point earned 3 złotys (25,000 złotys in 1994)