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Categories Family magazine
Frequency Biweekly
Circulation 97,324 (2013)
Publisher Hjemmet Mortensen AB
Year founded 1939
Company Egmont Group
Country Norway
Based in Oslo
Language Norwegian
Website Familien

Familien (English: The Family) is a Norwegian biweekly family magazine published in Oslo, Norway.

History and profile[edit]

The magazine was started in 1939 under the name Christian Youth.[1] It was renamed Familien in 1959.[1] It was part of A/S Hjemmet until 1984 when it was acquired by Hjemmet Mortensen AS, which owned it until 1992.[1]

Familien is owned by the Egmont Group.[2] The magazine is published by Hjemmet Mortensen AB on a biweekly basis.[1][3] Its target group is mature women, and its editor is Ivar Moe. The magazine is based in Oslo.[3]

Familien had a circulation of 95,100 copies in 1981 and 101,900 copies in 1982.[4] The circulation of the magazine was 132,900 copies in 2006, making it the fourth best-selling magazine in the country.[5] In 2013 it was the third best-selling magazine in Norway with a circulation of 97,324 copies.[2]

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