Family Emergency Shelter Coalition

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Fesco side.png
Founded 1986
Type Non-profit organization
Focus Homeless shelter, Support services
Area served
Alameda County, California
$1.160 million (2010)[1]

The Family Emergency Shelter Coalition (FESCO) is a non-profit organization in Hayward, California[2] which aims to provide shelter, transitional housing and support services for families and children in Alameda County.[3]

According to's nationwide ranking among shelter homes, FESCO was the only homeless shelter in the East Bay to get a top ranking.[4][5]

By 2006, FESCO claimed to provide 24 Shelter beds, as well as support services including hot meals and housing readiness activities.[6]

Also, they are listed under the directory[7] of National Coalition for the Homeless.


The organization incorporated in 1986. Its main purpose was to keep families together during their homelessness period.[8] After a restoration of two-story home, they started to begin serving homeless families in 1988 as a shelter which can accommodate 8-10 families at a time.[8] After the first year, Fesco started to provide support services to homeless families.

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