Family Gekijo

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Family Gekijo
LaunchedJanuary 1, 1996
Owned byTohokushinsha Film
SloganYour number 1, easy-to-find (あなたのイチバン、きっと見つかる。)
HeadquartersTokyo, Japan
SKY PerfecTV!Channel 361
SKY PerfecTV! e2Channel 293

Family Gekijo (ファミリー劇場, Famirī Gekijō, "Family Theatre") is a Japanese cable television station which was founded during Japan's recent cable TV boom, which began in the late 90's. It carries mostly domestic TV programs and has several popular anime titles on its program list. It is distributed by Sky PerfecTV which is Japan's only cable provider (Direct TV ended in 2000 after its failure to increase its subscription rates). However, it can be found on Dish Network, and has been since April 2, 2018. Its channel number on Sky PerfecTV is currently 73, but is likely to change as many more channels are appearing on Sky's list.

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