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Family Outing
Family Outing-logo.jpg
The logo of Family Outing
GenreReality, Variety, Comedy
StarringYoo Jae-suk (2008-2010)
Lee Hyo-ri (2008-2010)
Kim Su-ro (2008-2010)
Yoon Jong-shin (2008-2010)
Dae-sung (2008-2010)
Kim Jong-kook (2008-2010)
Park Ye-jin (2008-2009)
Lee Chun-hee (2008-2009)
Park Hae-jin (2009-2010)
Park Si-yeon (2009)
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes85 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Jang Hyuk-jae
Camera setupMulti-camera setup
Running time70-80 minutes
Original networkSBS
Picture format4:3
Audio formatStereo
Original releaseJune 15, 2008 –
February 14, 2010
Preceded byMission Impossible
Followed byFamily Outing 2
Related showsFamily Outing 2
Good Sunday
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Family Outing (Korean패밀리가 떴다; RRPaemilli-ga Tteotda; lit. Family's Here; also known as Family Outing Season 1) was a South Korean comedy-variety show; a part of SBS's Good Sunday lineup, along with Gold Miss is Coming (골드미스가 간다). It first aired on June 15, 2008, and was one of the top rated programs on Sunday Korean television.[1] The format of the show called for the "Family" to travel to different parts of South Korea, taking care of the house of an elderly family, who go on a vacation. The "Family" then accomplishes the tasks left for them by the homeowners.[2]

Much of the game-variety show format of Family Outing is considered to be influenced by its predecessor on SBS, X-Man, with several shared production and cast members. The show sought humor from interactions between its cast of complementary characters and its series of physical and mental competitions. Trademarks of the production included sound effects, pop-up text and background music in accordance with the on-screen narrative. Music included personal theme songs for various cast members, frequently coordinated with moments of lament or foolishness for comedic effect, or schadenfreude.

The first season ended on February 14, 2010, and a second season featuring a brand new cast, production team, and concept, aired until July 11, 2010.[3]

Episode synopsis[edit]

The show typically followed a format comprising a series of two-episode arcs. These comprised a two-day shoot, including an overnight stay for the cast and crew, that was later edited for broadcast over two weekly episodes. Generally, the events transpiring on the first day of filming would be shown in the first of the two-episode arc, with the second day's events broadcast in the second episode. These two days of filming were generally filmed biweekly, with the cast and crew regathering every two weeks. Guest cast members frequently joined the permanent members for the two-episode arc, appearing in two successive episodes before departing.

The first of two episodes typically starts with a phone call from Yoo Jae-suk, the MC of the show, notifying the Family members where and when to gather for the next location of filming, which was frequently a remote, rural region. Each member arrives along with any guests, as they greet each other and the viewing audience. The guest is usually then given a map to lead the Family to the house in which they will be staying for their two-day stay. Upon reaching the house, the Family greet and send the homeowners off on a vacation. At this point, the Family reviews the list of chores that the homeowners have assigned before setting upon the first task. While completing the list of chores, the Family compete in various mental and physical challenges. After completing the first chore, the Family may proceed to the next assigned or return home to prepare dinner. For the latter, the Family usually divides into teams to gather ingredients, clean, prepare, and cook.

After eating dinner, the Family typically play another game before preparing for bedtime. This game often determines sleep positions or who is in charge of late-night/early-morning chores. Sleeping arrangement allowed the Family to determine where each member would be positioned overnight, with this ranking of particular importance if sleeping locations included particularly undesirable quarters, such as a cold and cramped room, or next to someone inclined to flatulence. The ranking process involved the female cast members numerically ranking the men in the Family, often based on their performance either in the preceding game or over the course of the day. The male members then repeat the ranking process for the female Family members. In addition to bedding location, the ranking system or game was used to determine which Family members would be assigned the undesirable task of late-night/early-morning chores. These chores were typically menial tasks such as delivery, collection, or preparation of food.

The second of two episodes typically begins with the continuation of the previous night's activities. Frequently this involved some late-night conversation before the Family dozed off. The next morning, Yoo Jae-suk is typically the first to be woken and is then himself assigned the task of waking the other Family members. The reluctant waking process is usually presented for comedic effect. After the Family rise, Jae-suk initiates a "Wake Up Mission", where the losing member would be tasked with breakfast preparation, alongside other members (s)he selects. While they make breakfast, the rest of the Family either returns to bed, or completes another chore. The Family members that are assigned breakfast duty are frequently filmed gathering ingredients from around the community before commencing preparation and cooking. In this way the program also highlights regional produce and places of interest in more rural villages. After the Family awakens a second time to eat breakfast, they typically perform the last chores assigned by the homeowners. While completing these final tasks, the Family will often participate in another competition before returning to the house. The homeowners are then shown returning from vacation and bidding the Family farewell. The episode concludes with a sneak peek of the following episode, including the next guest(s).

Cast and characters[edit]

Much of the humor and entertainment value of the show was derived from the interactions of the Family members. The diverse set of characters, as described in detail in the table below, played off each other's personality traits and tendencies. As the characters evolved and became more familiar to audiences, a context for their relationships formed, often furthering their humorous interactions.

The first "Family" was composed of comedian/MC Yoo Jae-suk, singer/songwriter/MC Yoon Jong-shin, Big Bang member Daesung, singer Lee Hyo-ri, actor Kim Su-ro, singer Kim Jong-kook, actor Park Hae-jin, actress Park Si-yeon, actress Park Ye-jin and actor Lee Chun-hee.[4] "Family" members Park Ye-jin and Lee Chun-hee left the show after their one-year contract ended, after 53 episodes; both cited a desire to focus on their acting careers.[5] Near the end of the series, Park Si-yeon could not continue filming the show because of a physical injury.

On November 26, 2009, it was announced that Yoo Jae-suk and Park Si-yeon would be leaving the show.[6][7] It was later reported that Family Outing Season 1 would end due to the conflicting schedules and solo activities of the members. Their last episode aired in February 2010 with the show returning for a second season, with a new concept, production team, and cast.[8] All the original Family members reunited for the last three episodes, which included a special reunion awards episode.

Name Joined the show / Left the show Character
Yoo Jae-suk June 2008 / February 2010

The main host or MC of the show. He plays a major role for the "Wake-Up Mission" in the morning of the second day, as well as during games. He is also called the Grasshopper, the 'Dumb' brother from the Dumb and Dumber pairing with Daesung, and was part of the Nation's Siblings pairing with Hyo-ri. Jae-suk is often talkative, relying on his quick wit for observational humor, and excels at articulating emotions and situational context, such as game rules to audiences. Jae-suk, along with Daesung, is easily scared in uncertain or foreign circumstances. Jae-suk often submits to stronger characters such as Hyo-ri or Jong-kook during conflict with self-deprecating humor, while occasionally asserting himself against weaker opponents such as Jong-shin.

Lee Hyo-ri June 2008 / February 2010

The "female master" of the show and occasional MC. The Nation's Fairy plays the role of the person who typically admonishes the male Family members, particularly during cooking mishaps; a sound effect of cats screeching is frequently used during such situations. At the same time, Hyo-ri often exhibits willingness to open herself to humiliation, whether being teased (for tendencies like alcohol or facial bloating) and during physical games. Hyo-ri describes her nonchalance as "cool like that." She is called the 'mom' or 'madam', Former Fairy, and is part of the Nation's Siblings with Yoo Jae-suk. She also has a cat-dog relationship with Kim Jong-kook, and is frequently paired with him for fictional love lines.

Yoon Jong-shin June 2008 / February 2010

The old man of the show, he frequently needs the care and attention of the rest of the family members. He is known to be the best at "making the seasoning" for food on the show, which usually merely involves adding ramen noodle powder to soups. He is often called 'sickly', 'old man', and Forty Brothers with Kim Su-ro. Jong-shin is usually seen as the least physically gifted and is thus often chosen last for physical competitions. He is however a strong competitor for oral battles involving wit. When failing at games or exhibiting foolishness, an antiquated sounding accordion piece (Dream Of Youth - A Dirty Carnival OST) is often played.

Kim Su-ro June 2008 / February 2010

The Game Devil of the show for his strong physical performance. He is mentally sharp, and often relies on his wit to pick on Chun-hee. He acquired the title Stepmother Kim for constantly tasking Chun-hee with chores. Due to his occasional childish and playful antics, he also gained the nickname Little Boy Su-ro. He is occasionally known as "Fortune Teller Su-ro", especially when he wears a hanbok. Su-ro is one of the stronger and more athletic family members when it comes to physical games, thus the Imperial March is used as his theme.

Kang Dae-sung June 2008 / February 2010

Far from his national-idol Big Bang image, the youngest of the family members assists Yoo Jae-suk in gags and is seen as a younger brother to him. He's called the 'Dumber' brother in the Dumb and Dumber pair with Jae-suk, as his IQ is revealed to be among the lowest in the family. He is also called Small Eye Brothers with Kim Jong-kook. Daesung is shown to be easily intimidated and shy, particularly in front of guests from Big Bang. Daesung is one of the more physically gifted of the Family, so he is typically selected quickly for games. As he is a good dancer, he easily dances along to the newest songs discussed by the Family.

Kim Jong-kook November 2008 / February 2010

Initially portrayed as a strong physical competitor, Jong-kook is revealed to have poor luck and is in a perpetual "game slump". He is frequently called "Kim Kook-jong" on the show when being teased by Jae-suk and Hyo-ri, which is a pun on the word 'worry' in Korean, i.e. he is someone to worry about. Jong-kook's character evolved over the course of the series as he became more talkative, which allowed him to assert himself over Jae-suk and Jong-shin with wit and strength, particularly during chores and cooking activities. While he originally had an awkward relationship with Hyo-ri and Ye-jin, these relationships later developed into romantic "scandals"; Jae-suk would sometimes tease Jong-kook further by including Yoon Eun-hye in the scandals. He and Daesung demonstrate a fondness for girl groups, performing several dances over the course of the series. Jong-kook's close friends Cha Tae-hyun and Jang Hyuk appear multiple times on the show, sharing intimate and embarrassing stories along the way.

Park Hae-jin July 2009 / February 2010

He is seen as a Delicate Boy because of his poor performance in games and "Wake-Up Missions", though his first participation as a guest (in episodes 5-6) suggested a good physical condition. He often talks back to Jae-suk and shows both gullibility and ingenuity. He is sometimes called the unlucky man because of his constant failures during games, which he always explains away drawing from his substantial stockpile of justifications. Su-ro confirmed that Hae-Jin may be even more clumsy than Chun-hee. He is occasionally coached by Jong-kook to develop strength.

The following were also cast but left the show earlier because of personal reasons.
Lee Chun-hee June 2008 / June 2009

Inhabiting the image of Chunderella and Clumsy Chun-hee, he originally appeared to be a strong player, but was later determined to be naive and clumsy. Consequently, his theme music was frequently played during his moments of incompetence (Childhood Memories, Once Upon a Time in America theme). He is constantly picked on by Su-ro, his senior from acting school, despite his futile attempts to "rebel" from time to time. (See: Stepmother Kim and Chunderella). He follows stepmother Kim Su-ro's footsteps upon the arrival of guest Lee Jun-ki, a junior from university, by bossing him around. Chun-hee is revealed to have a high IQ and to have been contacted by Mensa. He is also the only member who possesses a scuba-diving license. Chun-hee expresses his adoration for multiple female guests who join the show such as Taeyeon and Son Dam-bi, without reciprocation.

Park Ye-jin June 2008 / June 2009

Originally seeming as a pleasant, demure ladylike figure, she later showed her true colors as the Sweet and Vicious or Sweet and Savage Miss Ye-jin through her no-nonsense and tenacious ways in preparing fish and chickens for meals, as well as her bravery towards capturing them. Ye-jin maintained a strong rapport with Hyo-ri as they ranked the Family men for sleep positioning; when female guests appeared, they banded together as the two were cast off as the undesirable "older sisters". She was known for expressing joy and excitement with her high pitch nasal screeching. . Ye-jin demonstrated her mental fortitude when admonishing Jae-suk during food preparation and her physical acumen in battling and hair-pulling against the strongest of competitors. The love scandal between Ye-jin and Jong-kook was further heightened when they filmed a music video together.

Park Si-yeon July 2009 / December 2009

Giving the image of a City Girl, she has become close with Hyo-ri on the show. She is referred to as of the Park Siblings with Park Haejin. She left the show after 6 months due to health issues/injuries to her back that took place during a drama shoot in 2007. Siyeon did not develop a strong presence over the course of her tenure on the show.


Relationship[nb 1] Members Details First Seen
Nation's Siblings (국민남매)
Yoo Jae-suk, Lee Hyo-ri

Nation's MC Yoo Jae-suk, and Nation's Female Idol or Nation's Fairy Lee Hyo-ri, when together give the image of brother and sister. They eventually won the Daesang at the 2009 SBS Entertainment Awards for their work as a dynamic duo.

Episode 1
The Elders (장년층)
Yoon Jong-shin, Kim Su-ro, Yoo Jae-suk

As oldest members of the family, they are seen as The Elders. Yoon Jong-shin was the oldest at 41, Kim Su-ro was 40, Yoo Jae-suk was 37.

Episode 18 - The Elders Breakfast Preparation
Dumb and Dumber (덤앤더머)
Yoo Jae-suk, Kang Dae-sung

As the very first breakfast pair, Dae-sung and Yoo Jae-suk had trouble with measuring the water for cooking ramen. As said in the episode, you can't help but call them "dumb and dumber". Yoo Jae-suk is referred to as "Dumb" and Daesung as "Dumber". It was later shown in one of the nighttime games that Yoo Jae-suk has an IQ of 114 and Daesung has an IQ of 110.

Episode 2 - Dumb and Dumber Breakfast Preparation
Chairman Yoon and Madam Lee (윤회장-이여사)
Yoon Jong-shin, Lee Hyo-ri

The pair plays the role as a rich couple Madam Lee and Chairman Yoon. Yoon Jong-shin seems to act naturally but Lee Hyo-ri seems to dislike her role.

Episode 11 - Making of Raspberry Wine
Stepmother Kim and Chunderella (김계모-천데렐라)
Kim Su-ro, Lee Chun-hee

During the 7 Step Running Game, Lee Chun-hee lost in a bet against Kim Su-ro. The bet was if Lee Chun-hee wins Kim Su-ro will stop with the ordering around but if Kim Su-ro wins Lee Chun-hee must immediately follow his orders. Kim Su-ro is the senior of Lee Chun-hee from university, as well as in acting. When Lee Chun-hee is asked to perform a task, he naturally does so. Lee Chun-hee attempts slight revenges but usually fails.

Episode 3 - 7 Step Running Game
Sisters Till Death (죽고 못사는 자매)
Lee Hyo-ri, Park Ye-jin

As the only two female cast members at the time, the two needed to stick together against the men. Generally they treat each other well, but during games or voting for where to sleep, they "fight till death".

Episode 10 - During the "Metal Arch" Game.
Same Aged Friends (동갑내기)
Lee Chun-hee, Lee Hyo-ri

The only two members of the family who were born in 1979 before Park Si-yeon's arrival. Lee Chun-hee attempted to dominate Lee Hyo-ri but proves to be difficult.

Episode 10 - Breakfast Preparation
Love Line (러브라인)
Lee Hyo-ri, Park Ye-jin, Kim Jong-kook

For Lee Hyo-ri and Kim Jong-kook they are known as the awkward couple. For Park Ye-jin and Kim Jong-kook they are known as the Fake Scandal couple.

Episode 19
Forty Brothers (포리 브라더스)
Yoon Jong-shin, Kim Su-ro

By 2009, when Kim Su-ro turned 40, he was referred to as thus. Through the role as Forty Brothers, the two finally referred each other as "brother" after 7 months of filming in an awkward stance.

Episode 32 - Dinner Preparation
Small Eyed Brothers (실눈 브라더스)
Kim Jong-kook, Dae-sung

The two have similarly small eyes. Kim Jong-kook has used Dae-sung to help him improve his relationship with the women of the family.

Episode 25 - Dinner Preparation
Game Rival(?) (게임 라이벌(?))
Kim Jong-kook, Yoo Jae-suk

Yoo Jae-suk often provokes and teases Kim Jong-kook during games, resulting in Kim Jong-kook lashing out to him. This makes Yoo Jae-suk (and sometimes Yoon Jong-shin) to seek revenge and sees Kim Jong-kook as a game rival, however often ended up getting beaten up by Kim Jong-kook.

Episode 46 - Get on top of the rice straw Game
Park Siblings (박남매)
Park Si-yeon, Park Hae-jin

The two both have the last name "Park" and are coincidentally from Busan. When the two are together, they speak in the Busan dialect.

Episode 54 - Hidden Camera Welcoming Prank
The Same Aged Duo (동갑친구)
Lee Hyo-ri, Park Si-yeon

After Lee Chun-hee left, Lee Hyo-ri and Park Si-yeon are the only two members in the family born in 1979. At first they were not great friends, but has created a bond throughout the show. When it comes to games, it seems that Lee Hyo-ri overpowers the timid Park Si-yeon.

Episode 60
The Weak Brothers (부실형제)
Park Hae-jin, Yoon Jong-shin

Both Park Hae-jin and Yoon Jong-shin are seen as the "weak" members of the family with Yoon Jong-shin being the eldest and having health issues, and Park Hae-jin's image as a delicate boy.

Episode 81

Guest stars[edit]

Guest stars were featured in most Family Outing episodes, typically participating in the filming of the two-episode arc alongside the permanent cast members. In the Christmas special, the X-files (Un-aired footage) were aired, with the guest stars, Seo In-young (Jewelry) and Park Jin-young, featured over a span of three episodes.

Guests were varied and included many of South Korea's most popular actors (Cha Tae-hyun, Cha Seung-won, Ha Ji-won), athletes (Chu Sung-hoon), and comedians (Ji Sang-ryeol)

Sleeping Order/Night Chores & Morning Chores[edit]

Every night of each episode, The Family typically play another game before preparing for bedtime. This competition oftentimes determine sleep positioning or assignment of late-night/early-morning chores. Sleeping arrangement allowed the Family to determine where each member would be positioned overnight, with this ranking of particular importance if sleeping locations included particularly undesirable (such as cold or cramped) quarters. The ranking process involved the female cast members numerically ranking the men in the Family, oftentimes based on their performance either in the preceding game or over the course of the day. The male members then repeat the ranking process for the female Family members. In addition to bedding location, the ranking system or game was used to determine which Family members would be assigned the undesirable task of late-night/early-morning chores. These chores were typically menial tasks such as delivery, collection, or preparation of food.

Episodes & Guest(s) Sleeping Order/Night Chores
(Male Members)
Sleeping Order/Night Chores
(Female Members)
Morning Chores Details
(Kim Dong Wan)
1. Chun Hee

2. Dong Wan
3. Daesung
4. Su-ro
5. Jong-Shin
6. Jae-Suk

1. Hyo-ri

2. Ye Jin

Daesung & Jae-Suk
Chun Hee & Hyo-ri set as the first winner of sleeping order among the family. Daesung lost in Morning Quiz game, then he picked Jae-Suk as his assistant to help him prepared the breakfast, even though Jae-Suk complaining at first about unfair he feel when he is the first one to woke up and later been choose to prepared the breakfast. Later, "Dumb and Dumber" character is introduced as the pairing encounters difficulty determining the appropriate amount of water for cooking ramyun.
1. Daesung

2. Chun Hee
3. Su-ro
4. Jae-Suk
5. Jong-Shin
6. Brian

1. Ye Jin

2. Hyo Ri

Daesung & Jae-Suk
Brian set as the first guest to be placed as 6th in sleeping positioning after close voting with Jae-Suk & Jong-Shin. Daesung lost again in Morning Quiz game, picked Jae-Suk again, but later, Hyo Ri helped them prepared the breakfast.
(Park Hae-Jin)
1. Hae-Jin

2. Daesung
3. Su-ro
4. Jong Shin
5. Chun Hee
6. Jae-Suk

1. Hyo ri

2. Ye Jin

Daesung & Jae-Suk
Hae-Jin set as the first guest to placed as 1st in sleeping positioning as Chun Hee almost felt to placed last but Jae-Suk been picked no 6. Daesung lost once again in Morning Quiz and picked Jae-Suk once again to helped him to prepared the breakfast. Jong-Shin prohibited them to cooked another ramen breakfast,instead he request them to cooked Mud Snail Soybean Paste Stew in which Daesung & Jae-Suk put secret ingredient, Ramen Soup into their stew. Everyone surprise at them about how tasty the stew it is.

(Shin Sung Rok)

1. G-Dragon

2. Sung Rok
3. Daesung
4. Su-ro
5. Jong-Shin
6. Jae-Suk

1. Hyo ri

2. Ye Jin

Chun Hee & Su-ro
For the first time in this program, there are two male guests came into the show, while Chun Hee cannot came as conflict of schedule. But later in Morning Quiz session, he join later, with Stepmother Kim became happiest person as he can has his own airtime with Chun Hee. Chun Hee lost in Morning Quiz and picked his nemesis aka his senior, Stepmother Kim as his assistant for preparing the breakfast.
1. Jun-Jin

2. Daesung
3. Su-ro
4. Jong-Shin ⬍
5. Chun Hee ⬍
6. Jae-Suk

1. Ye Jin

2. Hyo Ri

Chun Hee & Hyo Ri
Before Sleeping Order game, Hyo Ri suggested to acting pitiful for deciding the sleeping positioning. Before game start, Chun Hee bribes the girl with Aloe Vera leaves to gaining voting from them. During game, unintentionally, Hyo Ri injured herself when she touched the Aloe Vera leaves after decided to chance Chun Hee's position from 5th to 4th with Jong-Shin, after Chun Hee took it back his gifted from the girls. And then, he changed back to 5th place because don't want to sleep beside Stepmother Kim. Ye Jin won 1st place and be crowned as Miss Aloe Vera. At Morning Quiz, Chun Hee lost once again 2 weeks in row and choose Hyo Ri as his assistant after he tricked Hyo Ri for asking anyone to volunteered to helped him to prepared the breakfast.
(Lee Jinwook)
1. Jinwook

2. Chun Hee
3. Daesung
4. Su-ro
5. Jae-Suk
6. Jong-Shin

1. Ye Jin

2. Hyo Ri

Jinwook & Jae-Suk
The Family play imitation game, with hilarious moment with Jinwook, as he shows many kind of imitations that cracked the night. For the first time, Jong-Shin lost at Sleeping Positioning as 6th place. And for the first time, the guest lost at the Morning Quiz game. Jinwook picked Jae-Suk as his partner as he wanted to created many beautiful moments together. It makes Jae-Suk frustrated all morning as Jinwook keep teased Jae-Suk during prepare the breakfast.
(Hong Gi)
1. Chun Hee

2. Jae-Suk
3. Daesung
4. Hong Gi
5. Jong-Shin ⬍
6. Su-ro

1. Ye Jin

2. Taeyeon
3. Hyo Ri

Chun Hee & Taeyeon
Originally, Jong-Shin was 6th place, but after Su-ro declared he likes more Yoona than Taeyeon, she switched place between Su-ro & Jong-Shin. It was the first time Su-ro been the 6th place. And for the first time, Jae-Suk got higher position as the girls decided to gave him the 2nd place behind Chun Hee. For the Morning Quiz game, Chun Hee lost again & he picked Taeyeon as he wanted to showed his charmed & masculinity towards Taeyeon. And later, the family helping them preparing the breakfast for elders of villages since it is Chuseok Festival.
1. Jong-Shin

2. Hyesung
3. Daesung
4. Chun Hee
5. Su-ro
6. Jae-Suk

1. Hyo ri

2. Ye Jin

Hyesung & Ye Jin
For the "surprise" first time, Jong-Shin was 1st place in sleeping position, makes the male families in shocked with the results as Ye Jin said that Jong-Shin being as "Born with the Face of Jerk". In the Morning Quiz, for the first time they do not played Quiz, instead they need to played "Catching Pillow With Feet" Game. Hyesung "purposely" lost in the game for fulfill his mom's wishes as want to see his son cooked for breakfast. Later, Hyo Ri & Jae-Suk woke up & keep teased Hyesung & Ye Jin during prepared the breakfast.
1. Daesung

2. Junsu
3. Yunho
4. Su-ro
5. Jong-Shin
6. Jae-Suk
7. Chun Hee

1. Ye Jin ↔

2. Hyo ri

Jong-Shin & Jae-Suk & Su-ro
This is the first time in Sleeping Order, there are 7 male families need to selected, as for the first time Chun Hee set as last place at 7th place, Jae-Suk still in 6th position, as Daesung & Yunho bribes the Nunas by giving the hot sweet potato, and later, Ye jin also bribes a majority of male families by giving Chocolate. When it almost over, Chun Hee discovered that there are more chocolate in the house, make the uproar amongst the male families that make re-vote for female families, but nothing change as the briber still 1st place. For the morning game, for the first time Jong-Shin lost in the morning game, and he suggested the three elders guy (Jae-Suk & Su-ro) needed to prepared the breakfast, if they lost in the game morning. In the end, it's Maknae Jae-Suk suffers prepared the breakfast.
(Kim Jong Kook)
New Family
1. Chun Hee

2. Jong Kook
3. Su-ro
4. Daesung
5. Jong-Shin
6. Jae-Suk

1. Hyo Ri

2. Ye Jin

Chun Hee & Su-ro
This episode features Kim Jong Kook, the latest new family member. Because he still new in family, the girls decided to placed him 2nd place as they still awkward each others. Chun Hee lost in the morning game, then he chose Su-ro as his partner to cooked the breakfast, while others have other mission, feed milk to calves then pump milk.
1. Rain

2. Daesung
3. Su-ro
4. Jong Kook
5. Chun Hee
6. Jae-Suk
7. Jong-Shin

1. Ye Jin

2. Hyo Ri

Rain & Chun Hee
For sleeping position game, the family need to do "Wild Bunny" dance following Rain's wish, cracked up that night with so many kind of dancing. Rain wins the girl's heart with the little "gifts" and Jong-Shin placed last again with Jae-Suk still "6th Forever". Jong Kook leave before at midnight for need to attended live broadcast for his new release album tomorrow morning. For morning game, Rain lost and he picked Chun Hee after he claimed he wanted too much time together with Rain.
(Cha Tae Hyun)
1. Su-ro

2. Chun Hee
3. Jong Kook
4. Daesung
5. Tae Hyun
6. Jae-Suk
7. Jong-Shin

1. Hyo Ri

2. Ye Jin

Tae Hyun & Jong Kook
For the first time ever, Su-ro got 1st place in sleeping position, after awesome performance on "My Sassy Girl" role play, while once again Jong-Shin got 7th place. In morning game, Tae Hyun lost in "Catching Paper with Head" game, choose his bestfriend, Jong Kook to prepared the breakfast, while the family goes plucked the oranges for villagers.
(Lee Soo Kyung)
1. Jae-Suk

2. Su-ro
3. Daesung
4. Chun Hee
5. Jong-Shin
6. Jong Kook

1. Hyo Ri

2. Soo Kyung
3. Ye Jin

Ye Jin & Daesung & Jae-Suk
For the first time ever, Jae-Suk got the 1st place in sleeping order after brilliant comedy romantic acting with Hyo Ri, while Jong Kook placed 6th for the first time. In the morning "cold" game, Ye Jin lost in the game and choose Daesung & Jae-Suk to assisted her to prepared the breakfast.
(Jang Hyuk)
1. Jang Hyuk

2. Chun Hee
3. Su-ro
4. Jae-Suk
5. Jong Kook
6. Jong-Shin
7. Daesung

1. Ye Jin

2. Hyo Ri

Jang Hyuk & Jae-Suk & Su-ro
In the first 3 Christmas-xfiles-new year-episodes, Daesung got the last place in sleeping order for the first time as Hyo Ri stated jokingly "they don't want to listen Jong Shin singing later at night". For the morning game, after saw the new year sunrise, Jang Hyuk lost in "Bring Me the Water" game and picked Jae-Suk & Su-ro to helped him to prepared the breakfast.
(Song Chang Eui)
1. Daesung

2. Chang Eui
3. Su-ro
4. Chun Hee
5. Jae-Suk
6. Jong-Shin
7. Jong Kook

1. Hyo Ri

2. Ye Jin

Chun Hee & Chang Eui & Hyo Ri
Daesung claims back top spot in sleeping order after got last place last week, while Jong Kook got the 7th place. For morning game, Chun Hee lost and he choose Chang Eui and then he picked Hyo Ri as assistant for prepared the breakfast as 3 same age friends.
(Daniel Henney)
1. Daniel Henney

2. Chun Hee
3. Jong-Shin
4. Jae-Suk
5. Su-ro
6. Daesung
7. Jong Kook

1. Ye Jin

2. Hyo Ri

Daniel Henney & Hyo Ri
For the first time, the female family only decided the sleeping order for 1st and 7th place for male family. Jong Kook got last place again 2 weeks consecutive. For morning game, Daniel Henney & Hyo Ri lost and needed to prepared the breakfast. And for the first time, the guest prepared the special ingredient, Soup Ramen to boosts the food taste.
(Bigbang TOP)
1. TOP

2. Jong Kook
3. Daesung
4. Jae-Suk
5. Su-ro
6. Jong-Shin
7. Chun Hee

1. Ye Jin

2. Hyo-ri

Jong-Shin & TOP & Jae-Suk
After "intense hilarious" Rapping Battle amongst the family, this is the second time Jong Kook got highest place (after his debut episode) with 2nd place, lost slightly against TOP. For morning game, Jong-Shin lost in "Throwing Ball" game, and choose TOP for "get rid of awkward" feeling and Jae-Suk for "mediate between them". And for the first time in FO history, breakfast was RUINED!, thanks to Jong-Shin, Jae-Suk & Daesung never-ending teasing "Jokester" TOP, and made Hyo-ri & Su-ro angry & lost appetite that morning.
(SNSD Yoona)
1. Daesung

2. Chun Hee
3. Su-ro
4. Jong-Shin
5. Jong Kook
6. Jae-Suk

1. Yoona

2. Ye Jin
3. Hyo-ri

Jong-Shin & Daesung & Yoona
After the long time, Jae-Suk got his original position, 6th place in sleeping order, and Hyo-ri lost in sleeping order for 3 consecutive weeks for 2nd time. In morning game, Jong-Shin lost in "Lift Plate by Feet" game. He choose maknaes, Daesung & Yoona hoped that he would got free time during breakfast duty. Breakfast was "almost" ruined after the main ingredient, fish was hard to cached in the morning at creek. But it saved later by "ingenuine" Jong-Shin cooked breakfast with last-minute secret ingredient, ramen.
(Lee Bumsoo)
1. Bumsoo

2. Daesung
3. Jae-Suk
4. Jong Kook
5. Su-ro
6. Chun Hee
7. Jong-Shin

1. Hyo-ri

2. Ye Jin

Daesung & Bumsoo & Jong Kook
After a while, Jong-Shin lost in sleeping order, got 7th place, while Ye Jinlost 1st place to Hyo Ri after "ridiculous" serious acting with Bumsoo. For morning game, this is the first time Daesung lost in morning game, and he picked Bumsoo & Jong Kook to helped him to prepared the breafast(?). This is the first time in FO history that the longest prepared breakfast ever happened when the breakfast served at an afternoon after their late catches leeches at mud ground.
(Hwang Jung-Min)
1. Jung-Min

2. Su-ro
3. Daesung
4. Jae-Suk
5. Chun Hee
6. Jong Kook
7. Jong-Shin

1. Ye Jin

2. Hyo Ri

Jong Kook & Jung-Min & Su-ro
Jong-Shin lost in sleeping order again in 2 weeks consecutive, got 7th place, while Jung-Min accidentally wrongly announced the female's 1st place, by wrongly hugged Hyo Ri, instead of hugged Ye Jin from behind. In morning game, for the first time in FO history, the winner of morning game need to prepared the breakfast. Jong Kook won in morning game, and picked Jung-Min & Su-ro to prepared the breakfast.
(Kim Wonhee )
1. Jae-Suk

2. Jong-Shin
3. Daesung
4. Chun Hee
5. Jong Kook
6. Su-ro

No Vote
Wonhee & Jae-Suk & Daesung
After hectic time during Family's Custom Show. Jae-Suk got 1st place for the second time after "hilarious" incident, and Su-rogot 6th place even after he tried to bribed the family with gifts. And for the first time in FO history, there are no vote for female family for Sleeping Position. Before sleep, Chun Hee tried to tricked Jae-Suk with steal on 1st Place's Sleeping Spot, but incidentally sleep while waiting on Jae-Suk. During Morning Game, Wonhee lost in Jump off Hula Hoop, and picked Dumb & Dumber Brothers. Jae-Suk & Daesung to make breakfast.
(Cha Seungwon)
Cha Seungwon

Jong Kook

Hyo Ri & Seungwon & Jong Kook
After play hilarious game"Talent Show", Cha Seungwon, Jae-Suk, Jong-Shin & Jong Kook are selected to do night chores. And this is the first episode where they are no longer do votes for Sleeping Order. And for morning game, Hyo Ri lost and picked Seungwon & Jong Kook to helped her to prepared the breakfast. And then, the two formidable "chef" cooking showdown between Hyo Ri & Seungwon to proves which dishes the family more likes. But Jong Kook are more suffers during the showdown.
(Son Dam Bi )


Hyo Ri

Ye Jin

Jong-Shin & Chun Hee & Dambi
For night chores, Jae-Suk, Jong-Shin, Hyo Ri & Ye Jin selected to feed the dog & patrol the garden from wild animal. For morning game, Jong-Shin lost and picked Chun Hee & Dambi to helped him to prepared the breakfast. During preparing the breakfast, Chun Hee had a romance moment with Dambi while Jong-Shin feels alone.
(Lee Joon-Gi )

Jong Kook

Chun Hee & Ye Jin & Joon-Gi & Su-ro
For night chores, Jae-Suk, Daesung, Jong-Shin &Jong Kook selected to change the plastic wrap of island's house. And for morning game, Chun Hee lost and picked 4 instead of 3 to helped him to prepared the breakfast. And born the "Actor & Actress Breakfast Duty" group to cooked for the family.
(Chu Sunghoon )


Hyo Ri
Daesung & Sunghoon & Hyo Ri & Jae-Suk
For night chores, Jae-Suk, Daesung, Jong-Shin & Hyo Ri selected after lost in the quiz game and need to do night chores. And for morning game, Daesung lost and picked Sunghoon, Hyo Ri & Jae-Suk to helped him to prepared the breakfast. During preparing the breakfast, Sunghoon reveals that the family are so scary.
(Lee Chun Hee)
(Park Ye Jin)
Last Episode

Jong Shin
Chun Hee

Ye Jin
Everyone prepared the last breakfast for Chun Hee & Ye Jin
Even for Chun Hee & Ye Jin in last episode, there are no exception to do night chores. Jae-Suk, Jong Shin, Chun Hee & Ye Jin selected to do night chores. There are no morning game, just need every member of family to prepared the breakfast from Chun Hee & Ye Jin's wishes.
(Park Hae Jin)
(Park Shi Yeon)
New Family
Hae Jin


Shi Yeon
Jong Shin & Shi Yeon & Jong Kook
For the first night as the family member, the "pre-exist" family tried to prank the newest family by make Jae-Suk and Jong-Shin bickering during "Family Quiz". At the end, the "pre-exist" family miserably prank on the newest family, make Si Yeon cried after that realized the family tried to bonded with them. The Park Sibling lost in the quiz and choose The Forty Brother to do night chores. At the morning game, Jong-Shin lost and picked Shi Yeon and Jong Kook to accompanied him to prepared the morning breakfast.
(Ji Sang-Ryeol)
(Kim Min Joon)
Hae Jin


Shi Yeon
Hae Jin & Min Joon & Jae-Suk
For Night Mission, the family need to find Jong Kook's relative in Heinsa Village at Hapcheon, made uproar among the family and the villages. The Park Sibling lost and picked Jae-Suk & Sang-Ryeol for to do morning chores. And for the first time in FO history, the morning had to cancel due heavy rained non-stop at morning. For morning game, Hae-Jin lost and picked Min Joon & Jae-Suk to assisted him to prepared the breakfast. Later on, Sang-Ryeol come out from sleep and helped them prepared the breakfast.
(Song Jihyo)
Hyo Ri
Hae Jin & Jihyo & Daesung
For night mission, the family must go through the mission inside "the haunted house" with Jong-Shin, Jihyo & Jong Kook become the ghost. Daesung & Hyo Ri selected to do night mission – to clean the house their messy horror special. For morning game, Hae Jin lost the game and picked Jihyo & Daesung to assist him to prepar the breakfast. The Trio goes to hair salon to do their "Boys Over Flower" hairdo. Daesung gets in trouble after much bragging about his "senior" position over Hae Jin & Jihyo.
(Choi Soo Jong)
(Shin Hyun Joon)
(Kim Hyun Joong)
(Seung Ri)
(Cha Tae Hyun)
(Jang Hyuk)
(Ha Ji Won)
(Lee Seung Cheol)
(Sandara Park)

Family Awards[edit]

Airing as a Lunar New Year special and the finale of Season 1, awards were given in five different categories to members of the family, as well as a product distinct to one of the villages the Family visited. The awards were: Friendship Award, Strength Award, Idiot Award, Pitiful Award, and Repulsive Award. Reminiscing clips from previous shows aired as well. All members of the family were present for this special occasion.

The following are the nominees for each category (The winner is bolded):

Digital Single[edit]

The family recorded a song, titled 패밀리의 하루 (Family Day), on the episode of April 12, 2009. The music was written by Yoon Jong-Shin, whereas the lyrics were written by the entire family, and feature many of the events that have happened in the family. The digital single was released on June 8, 2009.


  1. 패밀리의 하루 (Family Day)
    • Lyrics : Yoo Jae-suk, Lee Hyo-ri, Yoon Jong-shin, Kim Su-ro, Lee Chun-hee, Park Ye-jin, Kang Dae-sung, Kim Jong-kook / Music : Yoon Jong-shin / Performed by : Yoo Jae-suk, Lee Hyo-ri, Yoon Jong-shin, Kim Su-ro, Lee Chun-hee, Park Ye-jin, Kang Dae-sung, Kim Jong-kook
  2. 패밀리의 하루 (Family Day) (Soft Version)
  3. 패밀리의 하루 (Family Day) (Instrumental)


In the ratings below, the highest rating for the show will in be red, and the lowest rating for the show will be in blue.


List of ratings
Episode # Original Airdate
TNmS Ratings[9] AGB Ratings[10]
1 June 15, 2008 5.5%[nb 2] 5.3%[nb 2]
2 June 22, 2008 9.0%[nb 2] 8.2%[nb 2]
3 June 29, 2008 8.5%[nb 2] 7.3%[nb 2]
4 July 6, 2008 6.3%[nb 2] 5.7%[nb 2]
5 July 13, 2008 8.0%[nb 2] 8.5%[nb 2]
6 July 20, 2008 10.6%[nb 2] 10.0%[nb 2]
7 July 27, 2008 13.4% 13.7%
8 August 3, 2008 12.9% 14.9%
9 August 17, 2008 21.7% 21.6%
10 August 24, 2008 18.3% 18.0%
11 August 31, 2008 19.9% 20.0%
12 September 7, 2008 16.4% 15.3%
13 September 14, 2008 16.3% 13.9%
14 September 21, 2008 22.1% 21.0%
15 September 28, 2008 20.3% 19.5%
16 October 5, 2008 21.3% 20.8%
17 October 12, 2008 23.0% 21.5%
18 October 19, 2008 23.6% 22.0%
19 October 26, 2008 27.5% 24.1%
20 November 2, 2008 24.5% 23.1%
21 November 9, 2008 29.6% 23.3%
22 November 16, 2008 26.4% 24.2%
23 November 23, 2008 25.1% 23.6%
24 November 30, 2008 26.1% 23.0%
25 December 7, 2008 28.0% 25.5%
26 December 14, 2008 25.1% 22.5%
27 December 21, 2008 29.1% 24.4%
28 December 28, 2008 27.7% 24.7%


List of ratings
Episode # Original Airdate
TNmS Ratings[9] AGB Ratings[10]
29 January 4, 2009 27.4% 23.7%
30 January 11, 2009 27.7% 25.6%
31 January 18, 2009 24.1% 23.1%
32 January 25, 2009 17.8% 18.0%
33 February 1, 2009 23.3% 21.5%
34 February 8, 2009 26.0% 21.7%
35 February 15, 2009 23.5% 23.1%
36 February 22, 2009 27.2% 24.9%
37 March 1, 2009 22.6% 21.3%
38 March 8, 2009 24.7% 22.1%
39 March 15, 2009 23.9% 22.9%
40 March 22, 2009 25.1% 21.0%
41 March 29, 2009 23.0% 19.9%
42 April 5, 2009 26.3% 21.8%
43 April 12, 2009 23.0% 18.6%
44 April 19, 2009 23.0% 19.4%
45 April 26, 2009 24.3% 20.1%
46 May 3, 2009 22.4% 18.5%
47 May 10, 2009 24.4% 20.4%
48 May 17, 2009 25.9% 23.9%
49 May 31, 2009 23.4% 18.8%
50 June 7, 2009 25.1% 21.1%
51 June 14, 2009 24.3% 19.6%
52 June 21, 2009 23.2% 18.9%
53 June 28, 2009 24.4% 18.5%
54 July 5, 2009 24.7% 19.7%
55 July 12, 2009 26.6% 21.0%
56 July 19, 2009 20.4% 17.5%
57 July 26, 2009 23.7% 18.8%
58 August 2, 2009 18.2% 14.9%
59 August 9, 2009 21.5% 16.7%
60 August 16, 2009 22.7% 17.2%
61 August 30, 2009 21.2% 17.6%
62 September 6, 2009 22.7% 18.6%
63 September 13, 2009 20.4% 17.0%
64 September 20, 2009 20.3% 18.3%
65 September 27, 2009 22.7% 18.6%
66 October 4, 2009 19.3% 15.9%
67 October 11, 2009 18.6% 16.1%
68 October 18, 2009 21.8% 17.2%
69 October 25, 2009 19.7% 18.0%
70 November 1, 2009 20.1% 17.5%
71 November 8, 2009 21.8% 18.8%
72 November 15, 2009 23.1% 18.7%
73 November 22, 2009 22.0% 17.8%
74 November 29, 2009 22.4% 19.3%
75 December 6, 2009 18.5% 15.4%
76 December 13, 2009 18.5% 15.3%
77 December 20, 2009 19.3% 16.6%
78 December 27, 2009 16.8% 13.8%


List of ratings
Episode # Original Airdate
TNmS Ratings[9] AGB Ratings[10]
79 January 3, 2010 16.5% 14.1%
80 January 10, 2010 16.5% 13.6%
81 January 17, 2010 17.9% 15.3%
82 January 24, 2010 18.0% 15.4%
83 January 31, 2010 18.6% 14.7%
84 February 7, 2010 16.1% 14.1%
85 February 14, 2010 8.7% 8.4%

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2008 SBS Entertainment Awards[11] Daesang (Grand Prize) Yoo Jae-suk Won
Excellence Award, Program Family Outing Won
Popularity Award Lee Chun-hee Won
Park Ye-jin Won
PD Award Kim Su-ro Won
Best Writer Lee Mi-sun Won
2009 SBS Entertainment Awards[12] Daesang (Grand Prize) Yoo Jae-suk Won
Lee Hyori Won
Popularity Award Lee Hyo-ri Won
Best Teamwork Family Outing Won

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