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Family policy councils are groups that work to influence government policy on families. Most are nonprofit and volunteer-based,[citation needed] and most are within the United States or one particular state. However, several groups exist in the English-speaking world. Family policy councils may conduct policy analysis, foster strategic leadership involvement, promote an informed citizenry, provide resources for families, and seek to influence public opinion.

Many family policy councils are conservative, religious, state-level organizations dedicated to the promotion of their ideals on family values; many of these work closely with Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council and oppose same-sex marriage. Some also advocate on other issues, such as the Florida Family Policy Council against the teaching of evolution in public schools.[1]

There are also a number of more liberal family policy organizations that conduct similar operations to their conservative counterparts toward the promotion of rights and resources for different types of families, such as those formed by interracial parents, same-sex partners, and single parents.[citation needed]

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