List of people from The Hague

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This is a list of people from The Hague.


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Royalty (actual heads of state only)[edit]



Raymond van Barneveld, darts player.


  • Baruch Spinoza – 17th century philosopher, moved to The Hague in 1670, where he finished his Ethics. Spinoza died 7 years later, at age 44.
  • Christiaan Huygens – 17th century astronomer, physicist, mathematician. Member of the Royal Society, inventor of the pendulum clock and the pocket watch.
  • Hendrik Jut – murderer
  • Jan Tinbergen – economist, won the Nobel Prize for economics in 1969
  • Lucia de Berk – jailed nurse, alleged serial killer; was set free beginning of 2010 because there was not enough evidence to prove she had anything to do with the deaths of the people they claimed she killed.
  • Charles van der Leeuw – journalist