FanFan's World

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Studio album by Christine Fan
Released November 2000
Genre C-Pop
Label Decca Records Taiwan(now Linfair Records)
Christine Fan chronology

FanFan's World (Chinese: 范范的世界; Pinyin:FànFàn de shì jiè) is FanFan's first album released in November 2000.

Track listing[edit]

  1. 我的初世紀 (My First World)
  2. 因為 (Because)
  3. 想太多 (Thinking Too Much)
  4. 每天 (Everyday)
  5. 如果我有一支天使棒 (If I Had an Angel's Wand)
  6. 潔癖 (Mysophobia)
  7. You Have a Black Heart
  8. 到不了 (Can't Arrive)
  9. 我們是朋友 (We're Friends)
  10. 不要哭 (Don't Cry)
  11. 拜拜 (Bye Bye)