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Fan is a transliteration for some Chinese family names, of which the most common ones are 范 (pinyin: Fàn) and 樊 (pinyin: Fán).

Origin and branch of Fàn (范)[edit]

See also: Fan Clan
  • The Fan trace their origin to Emperor Yao, a legendary Chinese ruler who lived from 2358 - 2258 BCE. Until the Zhou Dynasty 1122–256 BCE they are grouped with the Du clan. Legend has it that the Fan became an independent clan when a descendant of Du Bo was created Duke of Fan. His son took the name of Fan Quan or Fan Ziwen, and must have lived in the ancient state of Jin in the beginning of the Spring and Autumn period.[1]
  • Later the Fan clan lived in the area situated in the southern part of present-day Shanxi and western part of present-day Henan. There is nowadays a Fan County (范县) in Puyang prefecture situated in the north east of Henan province.
  • Some families of this name are derived from the Mǐ (芈) surname.
  • From some ancient people in Champa (Linyi, 林邑), Vietnam. The corresponding Vietnamese version is Phạm.
  • From Jurchen 孛鲁术氏
  • From Manchu

Notable people with the surname Fàn (范)[edit]

Historical figures[edit]

  • Fan Li (范蠡), advisor of the Yue state during the Spring and Autumn Period
  • Fan Yun (范雲), poet and friend of Emperor Wu of Liang
  • Fan Ye (范曄), Chinese historian
  • Fan Zhen (范縝), a Chinese philosopher of the Southern Dynasty
  • Fan Zhongyan (范仲淹)
  • Fan Chengda (范成大)

Modern people[edit]

Notable people with the surname Fán (樊)[edit]

  • Fan Kuai (樊噲), Han Dynasty military general
  • Fan Rui (樊瑞), fictional character in the Water Margin
  • Louis Fan (樊少皇), Hong Kong film actor

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