Fan Darya

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Coordinates: 39°22′59″N 68°33′01″E / 39.38306°N 68.55028°E / 39.38306; 68.55028

Fan Darya
Country Tajikistan
Physical characteristics
River mouth Zeravshan
Length 24 km (15 mi)[1]
  • Average rate:
    62.6 cubic metres per second (2,210 cu ft/s)[1]
Basin features
Basin size 3,230 square kilometres (1,250 sq mi)[1]

The Fan Darya is a river in Ayni District of Sughd Province, Tajikistan. The Fan Darya is 24 kilometres (15 mi) long, and the area of its drainage basin is 3,230 square kilometres (1,250 sq mi). It is a major left tributary of the Zeravshan River.

The Fan Darya is formed in the village of Zarafshan between the Zarafshan and Gissar Ranges from the Yaghnob River, which flows west from the Yaghnob Valley, and the Iskander Darya River, which has its source in Lake Iskanderkul and flows east. The Fan Darya flows north, and north of the village of Pinen crosses the Zarafshan Range. The mouth of Fan Darya is between the villages of Sangistan and Ayni.

The M34 highway, which connects Dushanbe with Tashkent, follows the whole course of Fan Darya through the gorge to Ayni.

The drainage basin of the Fan Darya is confined between the Zarafshan and the Gissar ranges. These ranges are connected in the west by the Fann Mountains, and in the east by the Matcha Mountains. The lakes and rivers lying in this area, including Iskanderkul, drain into the Fan Darya.


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